Phase 1: Assess

Much of what we default to in our running form is determined by two major underlying factors: mobility and stability. That is why it is essential to understand and correct these pre-stride fundamentals. When these biomechanics are examined, you may be able to identify the underlying inefficiencies that may be preventing you from running faster, longer or without pain. The mobility assessments analyze your range of motion, while the stability assessments measure your strength and stability while in different positions. Before starting this program, make sure to read this first.

  • Step 1: Follow all Mobility Assessment Videos and use your Correction Master Sheet to track your results.
  • Step 2: Watch all Stability Assessment Videos and use the Correction Master Sheet to track your results.
  • Step 3: Move to Phase 2: Correct to find and follow the corresponding correction videos, beginning with "Mobility Corrections", then moving on to "Stability Corrections".