• Phantom 3

    Gear up for summer with new bold hues of our cushioned, neutral trainer and breeze through every mile with long-lasting comfort.

  • The legendary comfort and stability of our fan favorite returns, now with more cushioning and an exciting new look.

  • Pursuit 2

    You go hard on the trails—with Pursuit 2 you can go even harder. The update to our award-winning zero drop, cushioned trail runner is now available.

The Topo


Roomy Toe Box

Helps toes align in their natural position for better balance, stability, and comfort.

Secure Midfoot and Heel

So you feel nimble, agile and secure no matter the terrain.

Low Heel to Toe Drop

Encourages a midfoot strike when running so you move naturally through the gait cycle.

Run Beyond Your Limits

Topo Athletic is committed to lifelong health and better movement. We make products that help you keep going, keep trying, keep moving. Sure, we celebrate the victors and record setters, but we build our products for those who get out there every day regardless of weather, speed, energy, or mood. We know the real victory lies in being able to move freely and comfortably again tomorrow.