Our Promise

Our Core Pillars

We believe in making exceptional shoes that help bring out your natural stride – in running and in life. We exhibit this through a commitment to quality, both in product and in our daily actions that impact our world.

Today, our company is small, but that doesn’t hinder our commitment to create positive change, every day, in small but meaningful ways:

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The world belongs to all of us

In 2018, Topo became members of the Conservation Alliance, while simultaneously donating 100% of our Earth Day sales to the organization. TCA is leading the charge on wildlife and public land preservation and helps companies like Topo stay informed and engaged in the protection of public habitats.

Our products are simple, by intention. Reduced materials and fewer manufacturing steps result in more natural –feeling footwear and less impact on our environment. We don’t add features unless they are 100% necessary.

On a smaller scale, we strive to make an impact through responsible office practices, like being nearly paperless, using non-chemical dish soaps and cleaners, and reducing waste by recycling and upcycling all products and packaging materials.

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Global change starts locally

The greatest way to stay connected to the world is to remain present and engaged with our local community.

Whether we’re donating shoe to local organizations like Back on My Feet, or volunteering at youth sports camps, Topo employees are regularly stepping up and out to be a positive presence in Framingham MA (HQ), the San Francisco Bay area (satellite HQ), and the surrounding communities.

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Just Be Nice

Because it’s a better way to live

We are a small team that respects the values of all of our team members from office employees and manufacturing partners to our ambassadors and retail partners. Everyone’s input is valued and considered and there is no job that is too small for any one of us here at Topo HQ. The positive and supportive engine at Topo Athletic is why our business continues to grow and succeed.

I choose Topo because not only do I know they genuinely and specifically build their shoes for athletes but when I put them on and go for a run I feel they personally built them for me! So much thought and effort goes into creating a Topo shoe and it shows especially with having a wider toe box, lower heel drop, rock plate, and most of all quality and comfort! I love Topo and their “move better naturally”approach and they have helped me reach the next level!

I was the runner that fought running related injuries constantly but when I switched to Topo Athletic, all of that stopped. Topo has helped me be more in tune with my movement. Wearing them means always trusting where my feet land because I know they have the responsiveness, grip, and stability I need.

These low-drop beauties were stable, responsive and allowed my foot and toes to splay naturally. With two thumbs up from my podiatrist, I hit the ground running in my Fli-Lytes and never looked back!

Developing an efficient running style was a focus for me when I started running distance. It took a long time to transition from a “normal” running shoe to something more natural, but I found that it has made me a better runner. It then became a challenge to find a shoe that would support a more natural running style but also offer some protection for those 100-mile races. So far, Topo is the most natural fit of any running shoe I’ve tried, they’re lightweight but give my feet a level of protection on rocky trails whilst still giving me the ground feel and feedback I need.

When I take off my Topos after an ultra or just a hike, there’s that moment that I’m thankful for being injury free and capable of getting out and moving again. I have trouble parting with any of my shoes because they were there during it all: taking me up mountains, down long roads, and through the pain, sweat, and tears, that have made me a stronger and better person in life.

My running life before Topo Athletic was full of injuries and almost non-existent; if it was a common running injury – I had it. I had trialed so many different pairs of shoes and nothing was working. Then Topo came out with the original ST – the space that it gave my feet was clearly a benefit from the start. I trained in that shoe for 9 months until I competed in my first Ironman and ran the entire marathon in that simple, zero drop shoe. From then on, I was addicted to Topo.

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