Phase 3: Unify

Once you have spent time correcting all mobility and stability imbalances, it is now time to incorporate your new muscle patterning back into your running form. Running cues are designed to increase awareness of proper body position and encourage correct kinematic sequencing. Follow the video below for running prompts to aid your running stride.

Because running is a dynamic and ever-changing exercise, it is essential to continue mobility and stability exercises even after initial improvements have been made. The areas you find the greatest imbalance should continue to be mobilized and strengthened a few times a week during your running season. ACU-Running is a constantly expanding system of analysis and correction that increases in specificity as your abilities expand. So once you have progressed through all assessments and corrections of the program, new evaluations and corrections will be added to help you continue to advance.

Finally, make sure you read this first before starting Phase 3.