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Magnifly 2 is a cushioned, 0-drop road running shoe featuring a 2-density injected EVA midsole; softer near the foot for cushioning and comfort, firmer and snappier on the bottom layer for propulsion and response. A sweeping toe rocker aids the transition and toe-off through the gait cycle.


  • Best For:Road Running
  • Stack Height:25mm (0 drop)
  • Heel to Toe Drop:0MM
  • Weight:10.0 oz (M9)
  • Cushion:
  • Support:
  • Pliability:

Why We Love It

  • Roomy Toe BoxRoomy Toe Box

    Roomy Toe Box

    Anatomical toe box allows toes to spread naturally and comfortably.

  • Multi-Density MidsoleMulti-Density Midsole

    Multi-Density Midsole

    Allows you to access two levels of cushioning: soft against the foot and firmer/more responsive against the ground.

  • Lightweight Breathable MaterialsLightweight Breathable Materials

    Lightweight Breathable Materials

    For a '2nd Skin' fit and feel.

  • 0MM Drop0MM Drop

    0MM Drop

    Completely neutral drop for the most natural running experience.

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Average Customer Ratings


My Go-To Running Shoe


I'm VERY happy with Magnifly 2 and alternate between two pairs. I also have a pair of Ultrafly (I rarely wear), Ultraventure, ST-2 (wear to work), and Rekovr (wear to work). Magnifly 2 has the right amount of cushion to keep my feet happy, but not too much that I feel like I'm sinking (like Hokas do). The best thing is that my feet never get upset - not hot spots, no blisters, no soreness. I used to think about almost every step when running (wore Nike, then Brooks, then Altra for the past 5 years) but that stopped on my first run in these a few months ago. Both pair have about 200-225 miles on them so far and seem to be holding up just fine.

If I could change them I'd make them a tiny bit more flexible, but I'm not sure what that would do to the comfort, and I do not want to change comfort at all. My feet just feel so good during and after a run. I'll be trying the Magnifly 3 soon and hope they are as good.

zero drop, but more cushioned


I have run in the Topo Magnifly 2, Runventure and ST-2. For me, the Magnifly is a bit too cushioned resulting in some lateral instability as the foot touches the ground. But otherwise, they are good road shoes, reasonably comfortable and are holding up well. The toe box is a bit smaller than the other Topo shoes I have.

Excellent zero-drop shoe


i have been running in the Magnifly2 for a couple months now and i love this shoe. i previously ran in the Altra Impulse, but Altra discontinued the shoe, and after i ran through my last stockpiled pair i had a hard time finding another shoe i liked. until i found the Magnifly2. it has the right combination of zero drop with real cushioning-but not so much that the shoe feels soft. my only concern is that Topo continues to make it. it worries me when i see so many sizes out of stock!

Great shoes


The first time I wore these I really liked them, and each run after that has only been better and better. I can't really say anything bad about them. My highest mileage pair has around 200 miles on them, and they show no signs of wear and are very well made. I use these for my longer runs. They can get a bit heavy when wet is really the only somewhat negative thing I can say. Greatly prefer these to my Altra's and Hoka's for long runs. Well done!

Excellent all-around shoes


Just a little background, I am 185lb and run approximately 50-70 MPW. I train for trail ultras mostly, but do a good amount of my running on roads due to ease of access. I originally tried these shoes after several durability let downs by Altra shoes. This was my first intro to TOPO shoes and I have to say I am impressed. I was training for my first marathon when I purchased the magnifly, and I was looking for something with enough cushion to give my feet a little break, but also responsive enough to drop some quicker miles. I was able to run a 3:26 marathon without feeling these shoes at all! I have over 300 miles on my pair and there are hardly any signs of wear to the upper, and only slight wear to the exposed portion of midsole underfoot. These are a great zero drop option for those looking to take a break from Altra for a bit. I have since bought the Ultrafly 2 and plan on picking up a pair of trail shoes eventually. Very impressed!!

Soft cushioning and breathable


I like the Magnifly 2 a lot more than the ST-3. My foot feels more stable , Magnifly 2 is also very breathable and the 0 drop does make a difference.
This shoe is mainly for when i use the gym.
I'm not sure if the midsole and topsole are made of EVA or TPU, but I would prefer it to be a bit firmer than what it is right now. Hence, I think if they switched to a TPU foam, it could make it firmer. Also, already at this price point, I would pay a little bit more to buy a TPU version

Great Mileage Shoe


I've been running in Newtons for a few years after being introduced at the local running shop. I am a huge fan of their minimal frame and lug system. However, I found my giant flat feet were consistently blowing out the sides around 200 miles.

I moved to a new area with a new LRS. The technician there introduced me to the Magnifly. I'd never heard of the Topo brand before, but instantly liked the shoes. I'm a little over 100 miles into these guys and loving them thus far.

My only complaint is the laces. These are the mid-run untying-est shoe I've had - sometimes I wonder if they're coated in Teflon. Maybe it's just me.

Love these and getting another pair soon


After putting about 500 miles on a pair of the Ultrafly, I switched to the Magnifly2 and have about 250 miles on them. Both are roomy and well cushioned without being too heavy or tiring. I prefer the Magnifly2 more because I find myself landing slightly more mid-foot to fore-foot.

I use these as my daily trainers. They're great for slow, easy and long runs (9-11 min/mi), as well as faster, high-turnover tempo and interval runs (6:30-8:30 min/mi).

For reference, I run 4-6 times per week and average 25 mi/week

blocked by amazon because of these


i am not in the us so i bought a pair from amazon.i submitted a review and then they blocked me from reviewing any of the products because they said that based on my reviews i submitted for magnifly 2 and st-2, it seems like i am affiliated with the company and misleading cosumers. those reviews were not even 100% positive and i've seen more positive reviews by others for different products.

Anyway,magnifly 2 is not soft but not hard either,just balanced cushioning that is good for both easy and fast paces.outsole is durable and i even use them on light trails sometimes.i want to deduct half star because the midsole feels dead after 400miles while my other shoes last longer than that. as a 130lb runner i expect a lot more than 400miles from a daily trainer category shoes. upper and outsole are very durable though.

Average guy shoe review


I'm a slightly overweight, slow running middle aged guy, so if you can relate, this is the review for you. I ran in Altra Torins for a few years but had issues with the heel cushion so thought I'd give these a try. They are not as wide as I expected but that is a nice thing. The midfoot area hugs your foot but opens up in the toebox (not as much as Altra though). Very comfortable, flexible and well made shoe. Feels very light on my feet. Well cushioned but still a little firm. 190 lbs is probably near the top end for this shoe. Love the front toe rocker. It actually makes this a quick shoe in my opinion. I'm a fan.

Better than expected


Been wanting to give Topo a try for about 2 years now, so glad I finally did. I was a buyer for a run specialty store in a past life and have run in a ton of different shoes. THESE ARE THE REAL DEAL. Fit is perfect, unlike anything I have tried before, everything else is well balanced. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Big Fan!!!

Easy on the feet.


I really like this shoe. My feet are pretty beat up from 24 years of being in the US Army and serving in Special Operations Units. I am 64 years old and just getting back into competitive running after a long lay off. I found this shoe to be very comfortable, well cushioned and responsive. After running in this shoe, I realized that my other running shoes were holding me back. This shoe is very efficient but still a soft ride. My first run in this shoes was 5 miles out of the box. I cut five minutes off my normal time for a 5 mile training run. I was very impressed. Running in these just felt good. I have noticed that the outsole is already showing wear after about 80 miles on them. I would like to see two improvements to this shoe. A roomier toe box and a more durable outsole. As it stands, I really like this shoe and will purchase another pair in the near future. Very glad I gave Topo a try and can't see running in any other brand.

Very responsive, comfortable shoe.


I normally run in zero drop shoes from different brands; but all of the ones I own have flexible soles. Recently I injured my ankle during a run and I'm still nursing it; but able to start running short distances. My local running store recommended this brand because of the stiffness, support, and zero drop I'm used to which would help me start running and recover. I had never seen or heard of Topo; however, I am very impressed. These shoes are very comfortable, provide the support I need, and have the responsiveness I like. Even though they are on the heavier side of what I normally wear, I can very easily do anything between 177 and 185 SPM. I'm very pleased, highly recommend them.

Magniflicent Magnifly!


This has been an outstanding shoe and could be the best road shoe I've ever worn. Right our of the box, I ran 18.6 miles in them. They require no break in. No hot spots. They're just a super comfortable and durable shoe. A real workhorse. Recommended!

Magnifly added as one of my rides


I am a 69 year old runner. For 46 years I ran on whatever shoe I could get my foot into. I did not treat my feet well. They were starting to let me know. I searched for a more toe and foot friendly shoe. Eventually I found Topo and gave them a try. I purchased the Ultafly and never looked back. I own or have owned 5 pair of Ultraflys and 2 pair of Fly-Lites. I just purchased a pair of Magniflys. I find that all these shoes give me basically the same fit, only cushion and drop differ. I heard a zero drop is better on the feet and especially for metatarsalgia and Morton’s Neuroma. I found, comfortingly so, the fit to be in line with my other Topo’s and the cushion to be very similar if not the same as the Ultrafly2. The Magnifly probably have a little more flex as I feel a little snappiness that I don’t feel in the Ultrafly. Once I pick up the pace I forget about them. Like all my Topo’s I am unaware I have shoes on and just don’t think about my feet while I run. Topo's are my only ride.

I want to be a Runner, because of this shoe.


First of I am not a runner, usually get my workouts on my road bike.
Just recent started running maybe 2-3 times a month. never more than 2 miles.

Got the Magnifly-2, fit is great. plenty of room on the toes but nice and snug in laces and heel. Went out for my normal 2mile loop. finished with 5 miles on my very first run. From 2 to 5 just because of the shoe. I kept feeling fine so I kept running. average 12minute pace(again, NOT a runner) been running on them for 1 month still feels greats. now I only run 5-6miles 2-3 times a week. Now averaging 9:33pace. This shoes has completely changed my mind about running. (I want to run more and more often)

Good shoe but .....


Have been running in Altra's for almost 5 years but thought I would give these a try. They are good running shoes, but a little narrower in the toe box than the Altra. I will keep these and run in them (maybe they will stretch a little). But, I like the extra room I get in the Altra's.

absolute satisfaction


today's second day running = 2x13km and super !!

Magnifly 2. Less drop, More shoe.


I had never tried the Magnifly until this second iteration came out. I am in love. This shoe has become more of a day to day run shoe for me. It is zero drop, but because of the features of the shoe it doesn’t really feel zero drop. What I mean by that is most zero drop shoes feel, at least to me, like your feet and calves have to do their job and work hard to keep you in the correct, more natural position. The Magnifly 2 have all the benefits of a zero drop, but with the support and cushion of shoe with more of a drop. I feel like runs are more effortless in this shoe. This shoe just feels right. I’ve run over 50 miles at one time in this shoe, and never even gave a second thought to my feet. That’s a win in my book.

I am a Topo Athletic ambassador.

Highly recommended


I have almost 300 miles on the Magnifly-2 and am back for my 2nd pair.

Amazing fit and comfort, no hot spots and just enough cushion to take me to marathon distance, maybe beyond.

The perfect running shoe?


Absolutely love these shoes. Great balance of road feel, cushioning and support in a zero drop shoe. Extremely comfortable out of the box. Sorry Altra. I’m a Topo convert.



Now my 3rd shoe from Topo and have loved them all. The shoes are comfortable, stable, and are no- nonsense for a great price. They did wear by about 300 miles, and was hoping to get a few more miles out of them. And although I will continue buying these shoes, what about some better styling?! I run about 45 mi/week.

Excellent running shoe!


For those runners who seek a 0mm drop, medium stack height shoe this is an excellent option. I am currently wearing them mostly as daily trainers for those everyday miles. However, the shoe is responsive to faster paced running but not uncomfortably firm for daily miles as many speed/racing shoes can be. I ran a 15k tempo at 5:50/mi average and never felt the shoes were "slowing" me down. Great shoes! I will definitely be ordering another pair.

New owner


I have been running in these for a couple of months and have been pleased. I found these after running in Altra Torin's and being underwhelmed by their toe box (too big for my foot) and their lack of durability (lucky to get 200 miles).

These shoes seem to be durable, lightweight, and cushioned while still keeping some structure and reliability.