Our Partners

At our core, Topo Athletic values environmental preservation, community, equality and kindness. These values are reflected in the select organizations and brands that we have partnered with to further the greater mission of enabling people to enjoy an active life outdoors.

Topo Athletic - Our Community Partners
Topo Athletic - Our Community Partners
The Conservation Alliance

Advocates for the protection of North America’s public lands. Topo makes annual donations to this organization, including a portion of our Earth Day sales.

The Pledge

Advancing diversity and inclusion within the workplace, one CEO pledge at a time.

Back On My Feet

Helps homeless people regain their independence through job placements and running. Topo donated 500+ pairs of shoes to the local Boston chapter in 2020.

Camber Outdoors

Equips outdoor brands with the guidance, training and tools to implement best practices in Workplace DEI.


Mobility/functional movement experts that designed Topo’s ACU-Running program; offered free to runners seeking to improve their form through strength and mobility exercises.

Correct Toes

Device designed by Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM, to restore natural toe spacing and foot movement. Topo is featured on the brand’s list of approved shoes for proper foot function.