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Ultraventure was designed with features inspired by our elite trail and ultrarunners. An aggressive Vibram® XS Trek outsole provides traction, durability, and protection on technical trails, while the 3 piece, multi-density EVA midsole offers light stability through the gait cycle.  A 30/25mm stack height (5mm drop) delivers a plush and protective ride. The fully gusseted tongue of these ultra trail running shoes and an abrasion-resistant engineered mesh upper are optimized for breathability and strength, and feature drainage “gills” for water release and quick drying. Ultraventure also features our uniquely fitted gaiter attachment, making it fully compatible with our stretch nylon Topo gaiter (optional and sold separately).


  • Best For:Trail Running
  • Stack Height:30mm (heel) // 25mm (forefoot)
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 5MM
  • Weight:8 oz (W7)
  • Cushion:
  • Support:
  • Pliability:

Why We Love It

  • Roomy Toe BoxRoomy Toe Box

    Roomy Toe Box

    Anatomical toe box allows toes to spread naturally and comfortably.

  • Lightweight Breathable MaterialsLightweight Breathable Materials

    Lightweight Breathable Materials

    For a '2nd Skin' fit and feel.

  • Vibram Outsole

    Vibram Outsole

    Unparalleled grip and traction and durability from the leaders in technical outsoles.

  • Ortholite Footbed

    Ortholite Footbed

    Comfortable, anti-compression footbed with anti-microbial properties.

Ratings & Reviews

Average Customer Ratings


Good start but needs improvement


I absolutely loved these at first. Super comfortable and feet didn’t hurt. Then they started coming apart in the glued area, about 50 miles on them. Went on a technical trail yesterday and my love for them is gone sadly. Feet hurt. Shoe just didn’t feel stable as it did. Please improve the next version. It’s a great start but needs durability. Don’t mind paying for a good shoe but need them to last a bit longer.

300+ miles and still going strong.


I've never had a trail shoe last this long. Not only has the upper held together really well, but the mid-sole cushion is still there! I run mostly rocky trails, so the vibram outsole is starting to loose it's big lugs, but otherwise these shoes are still in great condition.

I previously went thru two pairs of Altra Timps. The started off great, but after breaking in, they got sloppy in the mid-foot. I found my feet slipping around on cambered trail. The mid-sole cushion also started out nice, but lost its cushion after only 100-150 miles.

The Ultraventure is a much better shoe. I'm just waiting for an updated color before I retire my current pair to hiking shoes. There are certainly better looking shoes out there!

Ultra soft yet not very robust


Topo shoes offer a unique geometry, which can be a blessing for wide & stressed out feet. Little to no break-in required, used mine for a rocky 30km run, great soft feel. Nevertheless the shoe needs improvement in the outer sole as the glue failed at various places after ca. 250km of rocky trails. The ultra soft feel of the shoe is a benefit, but the midsole has shown signs of stress also due to foot pronation. The upper locks the midfoot securely, but could have more elasticity for comfort. Looking forward to v.2.

They break apart!


I loved them right off the bat but then once the honeymoon was over, the problems started. Mind you, they are super stable, got plenty of room, have a great grip and loved the Vibram sole. The midsole is awesome, my blisters vanished and I said goodbye to the plantar fascitis. I loved these guys, they made my Torins a thing of the past! What went wrong was that they literally came apart. Apparently, the sole (orange part) is not glued well to the top part of the shoe and started detaching all around the shoe. I didn't wash them and I had them for less than 3 months.

I have no problem paying $$$ for running shoes that match up for what Topo says they will, but never did I have a pair whose soles unglue from the rest of the shoe - not even the $20 ones I got at a market in Italy! I am glad I didn't take them with me on a trip abroad. These are my first Topo. I wish I can post photos. It's going to be a bad breakup, I going back to the Torins. Com'on Topo, you can glue better!

*Topo Note: Thank you for letting us know of this issue. It sounds like you may have received a bad pair. Please reach out to us at and we can look into this further!

Get several pairs before it's too late!


I absolutely love these shoes. I tried so many trail shoes including Altras but weren't happy with any of them. Finally, I ordered the ULTRAVENTURE and I haven't had any issues with them. I leave for the AT in March for a thru-hike and want to get a second pair to have on "stand by." BUT, there aren't any ULTRAVENTURE available ANYWHERE in 10.5 Navy/Plum. I'm starting to panic!

*Topo note: the Ultraventure is only available in women's size 10.5 in the Grey/Tangerine color as it is an extended size. We do not produce this size in the Navy/Plum at this time.

My feet are finally happy


I really like these shoes. I’ve been looking for a bigger toe box but can’t do the zero drop Altra’s. My local running store recommended Topos, and I tried on a few styles. I didn’t like the Terraventure (the hard lace loops hurt the tops of my feet). I ended up buying both the Ultraventure and the Fli-Lyte 3 (trail and road). But the Ultraventure has become my go-to shoe. The 5mm drop and cushioning are great. My feet sigh in pleasure every time I put them on. I use them in place of hiking boots as well as for trail running.
My only issues are yes, they can be a bit sloppy sometimes, but I think that lacing is a big factor there. If you snug them up, they work a lot better. Sometimes I am lazy, and then my feet slide around more. And I do have some tearing in the upper, next to the top lace hole on both shoes, which is frustrating given that I do not yet have 100 miles on them yet.

It's like wearing slippers in the forest


A trip to Crozet Running (VA) is where I met Topo. Although the 9 (my normal size in just about everything) felt tight, the 9.5 was like heaven. THey honestly feel like a slipper, are incredibly stable, and have plenty of room. I have what I call "orthopedically-impaired feet" but I think these Topos are my salvation. Out of the box I took them on 20+ mile runs without any issues.
Only two things are slightly negative. 1) On steep downhills I feel like I am slipping forward a bit. Maybe the 9 would have prevented that but if my first impression was that the 9s felt tight, they probably were. 2) I run some trails that have rocks bigger than gravel but smaller than fist size. I do occasionally feel a pointy rock through the bottom.

Game changer!


I have suffered for the last six months in Altras, both road and trail, and had all kinds of issues that one running store attributed to gait, without watching my gait. I ended up in Amarillo, TX at Get Fit and was put into a pair of these.

What a difference from day one! I have to run 4.5 miles to just hit the trail and these are working great on pavement. I no longer have the foot pain, the toe pain/blistering/calf pain. At times on super long runs when I would walk, I would feel like a marionette. I just could not walk in the Altras. The Topos are fantastic. All along I thought it was me. Not the Altras. Thank God I discovered these shoes as I can keep training for ultra marathons. I want a pair for just street shoes. They are that comfortable

Great for the trail!


Love these shoes! I wore them for 700+ miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. Great amount of cushion, grip, and protection on the trail. They dry super quick if they get wet. Great wide toe box with great fit at the heel so your foot doesn't slip around.

Plush and lovely!


Great shoe for long, cruisey runs. Lots of plush cushioning, moderate for weight, decent flexibility, and good grip on technical/rocky terrain.
I ordered the same size as my FliLytes, but these seem to fit a touch bigger, so my foot was slipping around a bit inside the shoe. I think a half-size down will fix the problem. Of course, you never find these issues 'til you've taken them out in the dirt!

Love them!


I chose Topo for my PCT thru hike and they are totally amazingly and love them! I tried other shoes but I came back to Ultraventure become they offer thick sole that protect my feet from rocks and their construction gives me enough support on a hard terrain.

Good, but not perfect.


I love the sole on these - fairly lightweight, lots of cushion and flexibility, but still some protection from rocks and sharps. I agree with some other reviews that they feel a bit sloppy through the midfoot and heel - they seem to fit a touch bigger than my FliLytes. I'll probably try a half-size down when they need replacing.

Comfortable but sloppy


I was running in Brooks Cascadia 12 and wanted something with a little more cushion.The shoes are really comfortable, even on rocky trails but they are sloppy. My feet slide around them on the downhills. I sprained my ankle in them on the tiniest rock. Wish they were more stable. Using only on less technical trails now.

Did not perform as I had hoped.


Very disappointed in this shoe. I could feel most every rock on the trail, the shoe seemed to stretch and slide around on the down hill. If I could send them back, I would.

New Favorite Trail Shoe


I LOVE these new shoes. My favorite road shoes is the Ultrafly 2 so I was excited to find a trail shoe with a 5mm drop. This shoe hugs the heel, but has a wide toe box and has that natural run feel to it. It provides enough cushion and stability for me coming from the Ultrafly. I’m so happy to finally have a trail show that allows me to easily switch between my road and trail shoe. Highly recommend. (Topo ambassador)

My New Favorite Trail Shoe


I've been fortunate to be a Topo Athletic Ambassador for the last few years and I've recently crossed over the 500 miles mark on my first pair of Ultraventures. Running on sandy, rocky trails, I've been happy with the grippiness of the outsole and that the midsole is thick enough where I've never had any concerns about the lack of a rock plate. The thing I liked most about this shoe is the spring from the midsole. After 500 miles, the Ultraventures still feel responsive. The uppers have held up really well too with only some minor fraying at a couple flex points. I used to wear the MT-2's almost exclusively, but after my first pair of Ultraventures, I'm not changing anytime soon.

My new favorite trail shoe


I am a TOPO Ambassador but I really do love this shoe. It was super comfortable right out of the box. It did not need to be " broken in". The Vibram sole makes them very comfortable and yet reactive to the trail. I like the big lugs. I have not had to use my microspikes as much this winter as in past winters. I like them with the gators on because then the little rocks don't get in the shoe as much. I have already put almost 300 miles on them and the sole still looks new. I will definitely be getting a new pair as soon as these wear out!

Saved me from constant foot pain!


The Ultraventures have such a wide toe box, that my toes were able to splay naturally which reduced the pain I had been running with for years. The cushion on this shoe is undeniable too. One of my favorite parts is the rugged sole because I no longer slip on muddy or snow covered trails. I am a Topo Ambassador but this review is entirely my own opinion. The shoes have transformed my life and my running. My only "complaints" would be that the ankle area is a tad wide allowing small pebbles to get in the shoe easily (a gaiter can eliminate that) and I wish it had a lace garage - only because I live in poison oak infested areas - the laces stay tied no problem, I just want them protected.

Felt like home for my feet the minute I slipped them on.


I was in another brand for a long time and they discontinued them. I panicked but after one run in my Ultravntures, I was sold. I still have two brand new pairs of that other brand in boxes (I stocked up when they discontinued them) but am planning on giving them away because I love the Topo Athletic Ultraventures so much more. My foot felt at "home" the minute I put them on. Nice wide toebox but a snug heel keeps my foot happy along with the cushioned yet response feel of the shoe. I am training for a 55k at the moment and looking forward to many miles in my Ultraventures.

I'm a Topo Ambassador but I became one because of how much I love the shoes as I wanted to share the love. My opinion would remain the same, ambassador or not.

My new favorite trail shoes!


Amazing shoes. They feel so good right out of the box. They are fast, grippy and do not make my feet numb due to tight forefoot. Plus the ankle is tight enough that my feet don't slip around. I love these shoes!! My only suggestion is to go a half size up since the toe box is rounded. These are my new favorite go to shoes!

Everything You Want in a Shoe


Bought my first pair of Topos at REI yesterday. After years in zero drop Altras with my tight calves I developed planter fasciitis and Achilles problems. I saw a podiatrist for the first time and was advised to move out of zero drop shoes, but I’d become addicted to the wide toe box. I have looked everywhere for a shoe with a wide toe box but still a bit of differential to help with my foot/ankle pain.

Enter the ultraventure.
I’ve had them less than 24 hours but when I put them on I knew it was love. I spent the whole day running around in them and had the weird sensation that my shoes were doing all the work instead of me!

I woke up this morning and my usual pain/stiffness were completely absent. I cannot believe that one day in these shoes has made such a difference already and I can’t WAIT to start the PCT in them now that I finally have something that works! THANK YOU for making this show! My splayed toes, high arches, narrow midfoot happy legs are smiling.

No need to look any further--at last!


Wow! This shoe feels like nothing else I've ever run or hiked in. I have a couple of Altra hiking shoes which are very good but I find myself reaching for these over and over. The wide toe box, lack of rock plate and plush ride won me over. It looks a bit large on my size 12 feet but who cares anymore? This shoe is so comfortable I find myself wearing it practically every time I work out outdoors. The grip of the sole is fantastic. It's snowing and slippery in NYC today and these made my morning commute a breeze--no slipping and sliding, just a confident grip. I really really love these and people have been asking me about them because they don't quite look like any other shoe out there. I may have convinced a few buddies to invest. Might be time to try the Hydroventure. I don't think I'll be disappointed if they're anything like a waterproof version of the Ultraventure. Thanks Topo Athletics for crafting an awesome, comfortable and sturdy trail/everything shoe!

Post bunion surgery go to shoe


I recently had foot surgery to realign my first metatarsal. I looked for wide toe box shoes and came across your site. I loved the look of this shoe so ordered a pair. I immediately was able to wear my left shoe while my right foot was still in a cast for 6 more weeks. When I was finally out of my cast and walking boot I put the shoe on. It's perfect! Very comfortable for my healing foot. I'm told my complete healing could take up to a year. I'm very happy to have found this shoe! I plan on using it for hiking next summer. Currently waiting for the gator to be restocked so I can add it for my hiking gear. It's currently out of stock.

Love my shoes


My first pair of trail shoes I purchased-I googled wide toe box for women. Very comfortable and had my first trail run 6 miles. Finally a shoe that fits my wide feet. I will buy again. They are everything you said they were. I am thinking of purchasing road shoes also.

Plushy Trail Rider


I was really iffy about this shoe when it first came out as I normally prefer a 0-3mm drop for trail shoes. Ultimately I wanted another shoe that I could use the Topo gaiters on.
Boy am I glad I gave this shoe a chance.

The lack of rock-plate keeps the shoe flexible and a little more "bouncy" on trail. The extra cushion helps you not need a rock-plate, anyway.
The shoe feels leaner through the arch which is great for downhill running, without losing that roomy toe box. The biggest win for me is the gusseted tongue. I had no idea that would matter so much to me; but it's a wonderful convenience.

The only thing I don't get is the change to a Vibram outsole. Topo Athletic's soles have always held up incredibly well, so this doesn't seem like a special improvement.

As an ambassador, I have every trail shoe Topo Athletic offers; and this shoe (especially when I wear the gaiters) has already gotten me stopped on trail and questioned more than all other trail shoes combined.