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Topo Athletic's Ultrafly 2 is a cushioned road running shoe featuring a 3-density midsole for light stability through the gait cycle. At 28mm stack height in the heel and 23mm forefoot, the Ultrafly 2 has a 5mm drop. The new mesh upper is strong yet breathable and the all-new Ortholite footbed provides additional comfort by resisting compression and naturally eliminating odor-causing bacteria.

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  • Best For:Road Running
  • Stack Height:28mm (heel) // 23mm (forefoot)
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 5MM
  • Weight:8.3 oz (W7)
  • Cushion:
  • Support:
  • Pliability:

Why We Love It

  • Roomy Toe BoxRoomy Toe Box

    Roomy Toe Box

    Anatomical toe box allows toes to spread naturally and comfortably.

  • Multi-Density MidsoleMulti-Density Midsole

    Multi-Density Midsole

    Allows you to access two levels of cushioning: soft against the foot and firmer/more responsive against the ground.

  • Lightweight Breathable MaterialsLightweight Breathable Materials

    Lightweight Breathable Materials

    For a '2nd Skin' fit and feel.

  • 5MM Drop5MM Drop

    5MM Drop

    Our highest available drop allows you to access natural running with more under-heel cushioning.

Ratings & Reviews

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My perfect running shoe


I'm on my second pair of these. I have wide feet and over pronate, these are the most comfortable running shoes I've ever had. My first pair lasted me 2 years (which may have been pushing it) before my big toes popped out the top. So on to pair #2.

I also loved the Halsa shoe, and I'm pretty devastated to see they don't make it any more! It really is ultimate gym shoe. My toes haven't completely gone through my first pair though, so hopefully I have more time before I'm forced to find something else.

Need even drop in front and back


I love the roomy toe box and cushion, but isn't there someone on God's green earth that can make an athletic shoe that isn't like a pump?! (High in the heel and low on the ball of foot)?! This shoe would be perfect if it had the same drop in the front and back.

*Topo note: This shoe is a 5mm drop shoe. We'd suggest the Magnifly 2 (0-drop) if you're interested in the same stack height in both the heel and toe.*

Really really wanted them to work b/c I’m a Topo fan


I tried the original Ultrafly and the 2... I didn’t keep either. Here’s what I like: These are the closest to the original Magnifly in the line-up (if topo made that one again I’d be all over it). The good: full rubber sole (no weird patches that are just foam), comfy stack height (though I’d be okay with a 3mm drop), room in the toebox, but doesn’t fit sloppy in the rest of the foot. Things I wished were different and why I couldn’t keep them: biggest one is the weird bumps in the heel counter - uncomfortable and don’t help grab the heel (I loved how the simple counter of the og magnifly held my heel), laces were thin/flat style, and personal preference but not a huge deal - I like the older patterning/design of the upper for looks. Please Topo, remove those weird bumps, I could deal with rest I think.

Great shoe - perfect for marathon training!


I know a lot of reviews complain about the color choices, but I dig the black. It is rare to find an all black shoe so I hope this color choice remains! These were the first Road shoe from Topo that I have purchased and I really do like them. The fit is snug but not too tight and my toes have plenty of room. I excited to train more road miles in them later in the year when I start training for CIM. I have been otherwise wearing them for brief road workouts here and there savoring the shoe so I can wear them later. The cushion is perfect and the laces stay tied. Two features I love. I am a Topo Athletic ambassador, but my reviews are of my own opinion.



Lately I have tried a few different shoes/ brands looking for a great shoe that is fast but still provides great cushioning and support. Not tooo supportive and not heavy.The Ultraflys are what I've been looking for all along! They're perfect for long races, but I also wear them for 10Ks cause they are light and fast! My toes have room. My knees are happy. I like the ice blue. No blisters. I'll definitely buy again and my feet have finally found their match made in heaven!

Fixed my feet and made them stronger while riding in style and cushion.


In late 2017, the shoe I had been wearing was changed so dramatically, I had to find something else. I felt lost then my coach suggested I try Topos. I hadn't heard of them and was a bit hesitant but I trust my coach completely. And I'm SO glad I did! From the first run in them, I was hooked. Transitioning to the 5mm drop went great and my feet love the wide toebox yet snug heel. My foot stays put, I don't get a cramped up, stuffy feeling even after long distances. Ran a marathon in December and my feet felt terrific. These also helped the foot pain I had been dealing with prior to wearing them and now, my feet are stronger thanks to the Topos. Foot pain is but a distant memory. One of the things I love best about the Ultrafly 2's is they are nicely cushioned, offering comfort for my feet yet still feel responsive so I can feel the road instead of feeling like I'm running on marshmallows. I am a Topo ambassador.

Seam issue needs fixing!


I thought I had finally found a shoe other than Hokas that fit me (and was much better looking!), but I'm not sure these will work for me. They fit well, and have more room in the forefoot than the magnifly (yay!), but the seam near the heel and near the top rim where the two colors are joined together really rubs on the side of my heel, and I'm not sure I can wear thick enough socks to avoid this issue causing blisters. Very bummed. Please fix this on the next version!

Ultrafly II: The Perfect Road Shoe


After a barrage of Topo Facebook suggestions, I gave in and purchased a pair in this "unknown" brand and style just a few months ago. I am a nightmare as a shoe customer and finding running shoes to meet my needs has been impossible. Within 2 weeks of trying out the new Ultrafly II's, I was hooked on Topo.

Now, I'm heartbroken because I've been advised my perfect shoe in the perfect color (black) in the perfect width for my forefoot and the perfect snugness for my heel as well as with the perfect stability and perfect drop to avoid getting shin splints, irritating my painful 2 year old IT Band issue or causing a Plantar Fasciitis flare up will no longer be available.

I hope and pray that an Ultrafly III not in obnoxious shades of bridesmaid horror is on the way to keep me from falling back into the depths of misery when the two pairs I've been able to buy are old and worn because I'm too old and worn to want to start again on my quest for the perfect road shoe.

*Topo note: the Ultrafly 2 will be back in stock in the next month. We are not planning to launch an Ultrafly 3 until sometime next year (2020).*

My new favorite running shoe!!


I purchased a pair of these over the weekend. I took them for a short 3 mile run this morning and I could not be more happy! 2 years ago, I purchased the Altra's due to needing a wide toe box. I was just 3 weeks from a 1/2 marathon. The first day I had them, I ran 11 miles with no issues but due to not taking the time to transition into them, I had problems fast. I ended up tearing my hamstring during the 1/2 (but I finished! :)) and have had issues with my hamstring since. I think the zero drop was just too much for me. The 5 mm drop seems to be perfect. Zero pain in the hammy this morning. No hot spots, plenty of room in the toe box and my hamstring felt great! I got the ice/red color and love it!

All-around 👍🏼


A great shoe for road or trail, proportionally cushioned, not overly flexible or rigid, wide toe box but doesn’t make feet feel like they are slipping around inside the shoe.

good but not great


Due to a problematic bunion and an injury last spring from transitioning to zero drop running shoes too quickly, I was looking for a running shoe with a big toe box and a moderate amount of heel to toe drop. The Ultrafly 2 fits these requirements, however it seems to run small, and I'm not really happy with the shoe as it seems stiff and has a lot more cushion than I was expecting. I have run about 50 miles in them so far, and I like them a little better with each run, but when they wear out I think I will be looking for another model or brand.

A Runner's Dream Shoe!!!


I found my shoe! I have been on a hunt to find a better shoe fit for me. I have been running in zero drop shoes, but ran into problems with the last 3 pairs I used. This shoe is light and comfortable! I started off using this just for my long runs, but now wear them for most of my runs. Ran 14 miles in them without even having to break them in. I like the wider toe box and the heel is just the right fit. It provides just the right amount of support. I am going back for a second pair!

Trail runner’s favorite road shoe


Running on the road is not my favorite, but sometimes it’s the best way to get a run in. This has become my go-to shoe! I love the wide toe box and the red color is gorgeous. The cushion is perfect and the 5 mm drop is just right for long runs. There isn’t a single thing I don’t like about this shoe. They’re even great for trail runs on less technical trails.

Note: I am a Topo Athletic Ambassador.

Functional but ugly


I am here to update my review, I went ahead and purchased a pair in black. They were definitely as ugly as expected. I still can't believe you discontinued the look and purple color of the Ultrafly. I use to get compliments on my purple shoes every day. I have received 0 compliments wearing these. They are very supportive and have a wide toe box. I wear them for every 12 hour shift I work because they are so functional and meet the health needs of my feet. They are comfy like their predecessor. These seem to be made stronger than the Ultrafly which is a plus, my toes haven't poked through the upper mesh. I would love it though, if you remade this shoe. I can't stand the design look or color options.

The best


Best shoes I’ve ever had. Feels so natural to run in them and the extra space around ones toes is just great. Will purchase again, but yes, I agree with the majority here: We would love some new colors! Thank you, Topo :)))

You NEED these shoes.


These are the best shoes ever!!! I have had pain in my big toe knuckle for about a year now. Podiatrist couldn't figure out what was causing the pain or what was actually wrong with my foot. The only thing I have figured out is that I need a wide toe box like Topo's. I run completely pain free in these shoes. I was worried that the lower heel-to-toe drop (5mm - I am used to running in 10-12mm) would cause problems for my Achilles/calves but no problems so far and I have about 225 miles on these shoes. Do yourself a favor and buy these shoes.

*My one complaint is color choices. PLEASE add some new colors Topo!

Ugly is only skin deep. These are soooooo comfy!


Comfortable from the second I put them on. Wore them all day. Had been wearing altra's but the zero drop was a bit too much for me. The 5mm drop is just enough. They do gap a bit at the ankle...a function of the depth of the shoe? And boy are they UGLY but who cares if my feet dont hurt. Perhaps I should not have gotten black. True to size but can you work on the colors and style details? I'm not an old man!

The Ultrafly 2 saved my running career


I have been suffering with foot calf issues for over a year and have been on an endless shoe hunt. I've tried zero drop, higher drop, neutral shoes, stability shoes. Nothing I tried was working and I was about to give up on running. A friend of a friend swore by his Topos. I've had mine for a couple of months and love them. My calf is much better and more importantly I don't have any foot pain. I like the minimal drop on this shoe. The real selling point for me is the changer. The fit is comfortable and there is plenty of room in the toe box. I have finally found my shoe!! Thank you Topo!

Must have for long nursing shifts!


Ultimately I would recommend this shoe. It’s very comfortable and supportive right out of the box. I wear them on days I work 12+ hours and they keep my feet happy. I don’t like the design and color choice as much as the previous model. I do hope they last longer and my toes won’t pole thru, but I. Can’t attest to the durability yet.

Love at first walk


I purchased the original Ultrafly for walking on pavement. Love the support they give my arches. But after a month I started to get hole in mesh from toe. I put a piece of moleskin inside to protect and make them last. I see that others have had same problem. Would like to know if the 2 has the same solid arch support.

*Topo note: The Ultrafly 2 has the same platform as the original Ultrafly, but features an updated mesh upper that is more durable.*

Plenty of spring for that kick with the right cushion.


This shoe immediately became my favorite! I found the Ultrafly 2 to have more of a snug fit in the heel than the original in addition to more of a sleeker toe area that gives more of a push, spring than the original did while maintaining the wide toe box. The shoe is flexible, lightweight with plenty of cushion without a clunky feel. My 1st run in these shoes was an easy paced 3 mile jog and my 2nd run was a 10K race. Going into the race I wasn’t sure how the push off would be but the shoes did not disappoint. They performed well no blisters, no hotspots and ease of a push-off when I was ready to pick up the pace. After 1 week I ordered a second pair in a different color.

Note: I am a TopoAthletic Ambassador.



This shoe. I went through two pair of the originals in the past year, mostly because the mesh couldn't hold up to my toes, and they poked through. This new shoe is amazing; it has the mesh similar to the Fly-Lyte 2, which proved much more durable (my 2nd favorite shoe), and the cushioning is just a tad bit nicer. Got them yesterday and did 6 miles this morning and felt amazing. These are much improved and I am looking forward to many miles in them!

A great shoe, need different colors.


Not feeling these new color choices, will you be offering more soon? I need this shoe STAT, I'm on my feet 13-14 hours at a time. I purchased the old model and they were great except that the upper mesh wore out after about 3-4 months of heavy use. Thank you!