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Light, fast, and versatile, the ST-2 is engineered to deliver a lightweight and secure sock-like fit, ideal for speed work, racing and fitness training. The mesh/elastane upper is soft against the foot and packs down flat, making the ST-2 a perfect travel shoe. A 0-drop, 16mm platform offers optimal foot flexibility and ground feel to encourage natural running and movement patterns.


  • Best For:Road Running, Gym
  • Stack Height:16mm (0 drop)
  • Heel to Toe Drop:0MM
  • Weight:5.6 oz (Size 7)
  • Cushion:
  • Support:
  • Pliability:

Why We Love It

  • Roomy Toe BoxRoomy Toe Box

    Roomy Toe Box

    Anatomical toe box allows toes to spread naturally and comfortably.

  • Lightweight Breathable MaterialsLightweight Breathable Materials

    Lightweight Breathable Materials

    For a '2nd Skin' fit and feel.

  • Printed Upper PatternPrinted Upper Pattern

    Printed Upper Pattern

    Eliminates seams while reducing weight.

  • 0MM Drop0MM Drop

    0MM Drop

    Completely neutral drop for the most natural running experience.

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Average Customer Ratings


Feels So Good!!!!


I am a Topo Ambassador and this shoe is my second favorite road shoe. The feel of the shoe and light weight make running fast possible. They just feel so good! The zero drop is a bonus for this shoe making my training and racing seem, "Barefoot like". The shoe bends with my foot and the roomy toe space allows my toes to spread naturally. The colors are great! I love this shoe!

Awesome shoes


These shoes are perfect. I was on a 4-month hiatus from running and just got these. They feel amazing and it doesn't feel like a break-in period is necessary. I had been running in minimalist style shoes for about 5 years, but wanted a little bit of cushioning on the sole - these were exactly what I was looking for!
This is my 3rd pair of Topo - I have 2 pair of trail runners and this is definitely my road-running brand now, too.

Favorite Gym Shoe


These are the "bare bones" road shoe for those that like to really FEEL the pavement.

That's not me. I'm a wuss on pavement and need more support. But I am a die-hard fan of the ST-2 for cross training classes, lifting, and track workouts.

As a fitness instructor that does a lot of high intensity/plyometrics focused classes, these are SO FREAKIN GREAT in the gym. They are light, don't overly grip to the gym floor (easy cause of rolled ankles in Xtraining classes), and breathe. This means I can easily instructor 2 or 3 classes in a row without feeling like my feet are soaking wet from sweat.
It also really helps that they pack down to fit in my gym bag without taking up a ton of space.

I know these are a "road" shoe, but they are a huge win in the gym and as a Topo Ambassador I'm constantly stressing to my participants to choose the right shoe for the workout. It's not about prettiness, it's about function and safety. The fun ST-2 colors are just an added bonus. :)

Speed, Speed, more speed


The super light material + 0 drops = perfect shoes for speed workouts. The ST-2 fits on the side pocket of my bag so I take them with me every time I travel.

I am a Topo Athletic Ambassador.

Wonderfully Soft Zero Drop Everyday Shoes


I have had my ST-2's for about 1.5 years and still loving them. Soft sole and upper, great toe box space, and no stiff or rubbing since day one. I use them for everyday, at the gym and even for occasional hikes. My only complaint is that the great weave that keeps my feet cool also lets in fine dirt in the desert environment I live but that isn't an everyday problem for most. While they are showing a bit of wear, they are still going strong.

amazing shoes


These are the most comfortable running shoes I've ever worn. I am a severe supinator and also have a long history of plantar fasciitis. After 20 years of suffering through plantar fasciitis that never went away, I took up running. The first running shoes I bought were ST, the model that preceded ST-2. They cured my plantar fasciitis virtually instantly, and it has never come back. I've tried a number of other brands and models of running shoes since then, but nothing else is ever quite as perfect for me as the ST and ST-2. Yes, the soles are thin, but they're not thin enough to cause me any pain. They're just thin enough to nudge me to pay attention to my running form, which gives my ligaments a better workout and develops my foot strength, resulting in pain-free running. Before I started wearing ST shoes, even pain-free walking seemed too much to hope for! I hope Topo Athletic never, ever stops making these wonderful shoes.

I love these shoes!


I am a Topo Ambassador. I love these shoes. The weightless comfort feels like I have nothing on my feet! The zero drop is a major plus! I wear them to work and then go running in them after! Truly a great shoe!

Great for trails too!


I'm a trail runner, and believe it or not, but these are my favorite trail shoes in dry conditions (not enough traction in mud or snow on the trail). I have injured my ankles multiple times in my life due to over pronation. These shoes have the best ground feel I've experienced, outside of running barefoot, which allows me to react more quickly and naturally to changing terrain. This helps me to prevent twisting my ankle on uneven trails. On top of that, they are incredibly lightweight, comfortable and FAST! These are my most worn pair of shoes by far. My other shoes only come out on days when I really need that additional traction that trail shoes provide.

The PERFECT minimalist-but-not-actually-barefoot shoe for running and travel!


These are by far my favorite shoes; I have them in black and pink (the pink one is super pretty!!), and I'm probably going to get another pair next year. I'm NOT a Topo Ambassador, just a Topo enthusiast.

I ran barefoot for years but hated stepping on little rocks and didn't feel like I could wear Vibrams without looking obnoxious or freezing my toes off, so these are the perfect next step up. These have been with me around the world and I could not ask for a better shoe for travel and running.

I would say these are very true to size, but do remember that your feet expand if you've been on them for a while. I'm usually a size 6.5-7. I had a size 6.5 in the Halsa's predecessor and they fit well first thing in the morning, but by afternoon they'd be tight at the top of the toes. I learned my lesson so for these I sized up to a 7 (EU 38) and they're perfect even after walking around all day.

Extra roomy


These were my first Topo purchase. Originally I loved them. They had a wide toe box and were minimalist shoes that I could wear my correct toes with. Unfortunately, I just can't wear minimalist shoes so I have converted to other Topo models which provide me with a little more support. This shoe is the roomiest of all my Topos, I have to lace them a special way to get them to feel secure around my ankle. They have been pretty durable, I still wear them occasionally when I don't have to be on my feet long. My toes never poked through the upper mesh like they did on 2 other models. Overall a good shoe, unless you have really skinny feet like mine, they might fit too loose.

You'll never need another shoes again!


I started using these shoes about a year and a half ago, they are a game changer! Not only am I running more efficiently and effectively, but I am running PAIN FREE! I used to have horrible knee problems, my toes killed and my heals would fire up. I was recommended these and was a little hesitant because to me, it was something so new and outside of the norm to wear a shoe like this. But it was the biggest help to my running performance and will never go back! The shoes are true to size, which helps get rid of a lot of guess work. I love the wide toe box, even though I have narrow feet, I like the room for my feet to fit naturally and not have my toes overlap one another. All in all, they are comfy, attractive, and you can log a lot of miles in them! I love being an ambassador for such a great company!

Well made and light but not wider than normal through the midfoot


These are very good shoes, but unfortunately not for me. I tried them due to a recommendation from orthopedic surgeon in hopes of reversing some hammertoes developing. He said these have wide toe boxes, and they do. But the mid-foot area is more a regular width. They are certainly more attractive that the other brand he recommended, so I tried these first.

The shoes are light, seem well constructed. But they are not wide enough for my extremely wide foot, and the website does not show a wider sizing available. If, like me, you find you need wides in Birkenstocks, beware. Otherwise, I expect you will like this shoe.