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Magnifly 2 is a cushioned, 0-drop road running shoe featuring a 2-density injected EVA midsole; softer near the foot for cushioning and comfort, firmer and snappier on the bottom layer for propulsion and response. A sweeping toe rocker aids the transition and toe-off through the gait cycle. Like all Topo shoes, these women's zero drop running shoes are designed to fit snug in the waist and secure in the heel while keeping a roomy toe box.


  • Best For:Road Running
  • Stack Height:25mm (0 drop)
  • Heel to Toe Drop:0MM
  • Weight:8.3 oz (Size 7)
  • Cushion:
  • Support:
  • Pliability:

Why We Love It

  • Roomy Toe BoxRoomy Toe Box

    Roomy Toe Box

    Anatomical toe box allows toes to spread naturally and comfortably.

  • Multi-Density MidsoleMulti-Density Midsole

    Multi-Density Midsole

    Allows you to access two levels of cushioning: soft against the foot and firmer/more responsive against the ground.

  • Lightweight Breathable MaterialsLightweight Breathable Materials

    Lightweight Breathable Materials

    For a '2nd Skin' fit and feel.

  • 0MM Drop0MM Drop

    0MM Drop

    Completely neutral drop for the most natural running experience.

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings Snapshot

Average Customer Ratings


Sole Deterioration


While I loved these shoes at first because of the wide toe box and no drop features, the sole quickly became too flexible with only 5 runs. I wish they held up longer. I paid full price for them as well so they were 5 very expensive runs.

The best- don’t change it!


I love these shoes. I have been running in them since you released them. They are my favorite! I use them on the road and trail (I have quit using my trail shoes because my feet love these). Please don’t change the shape or the aesthetic. They are perfect! The other big zero drop company, which shall remain nameless, makes such unattractive shoes, and I personally will not buy a shoe just because it is comfortable! You have attracted me because this zero drop shoe is cute as well. Love the blue and mint colors. Please if you ever need to change it, I need you to consult with me first.



I really like this shoe- comfortable and it fits well. My only complaint about the shoe is the laces- they come untied often. I could double knot but don't feel that I should have to.

In it for the long haul


Did most of my training and completed a full Ironman in these shoes and got no blisters! Actually the only shoes I have that I can last over 2hrs in without blisters or hurting my feet. Thanks TOPO!

Magnifly 2 - slightly narrow toe box and too short laces


My foot is fairly normal sized with a slightly larger toe box and slightly narrower heel which is fairly common for most women's feet. I found toe box on Magnifly 2 is not round and roomy enough; it is more oval-shaped so I didn't have sufficient room in toe box. I compared shoe to other zero drop shoes which I've run in from another running company and there's a noticeable difference in the shape and fit of the toe boxes. Also, the shoe laces were too short and I could barely tie them and it was impossible to double-tie them. The cushioning appears to be very good and they appear to be well-made/high quality shoes. Since our feet and needs vary, these shoes may possibly be a good fit for some women than they were for me. I hope when the update comes out in November 2019, the shoe will have a slightly larger toe box and regular-sized (long-enough) shoe laces. I'll stay positive!

Great design, trim, beautiful colors, roomy toebox, and perfect cushioning with good road feel!


Very impressive shoe! Have been struggling to find a zero-drop, natural-foot-shaped shoe that would not compress my smaller toes, and Magnifly 2 has answered my call. A long-time wearer of Altras, lately the mostly knit top designs do not have the toebox height I seem to need and blisters on my smaller toes were killing me. I took a chance on this Magnifly 2 and am very happy. No blisters! Plus the design is trim and the color choices excellent. Also enjoying the amount of cushioning that still allows good road feel. Great design, Topo! Just waiting for restocking to purchase the ice/raspberry.

Perfect Toe Bed


Please don’t ever change toe bed width. I have a bunion and have had a heck of a time finding a wide enough toe bed. Finally I have! I’ve tried other brands with wider toe beds but fit wasn’t right. I like a light shoe and this is perfect for support and weight. I just purchased my second pair.

Love it!


I absolutely love the Magnifly 2! It is the best model in your range. It is true to size, cushioned but still flexible, zero drop and just all around the perfect shoe.

Please don't ever stop making these!


I've been running for 40 years and these are literally the best shoes I have ever run in. I had a pair of the Tributes which sadly it seems like they stopped making but since my mileage has increased as I am training for another marathon I though I would try the thicker soles. My first run right out of the box was 14 miles, my feet were in heaven the whole time. I've been wearing them for a couple weeks now and they are still amazing.

Very cute, great fit for narrow heels.


This is my 5th pair of Topos. I am very happy with my purchase. They look very stylish, unlike my Ultrafly 2's which meet my supportive needs but are so ugly. I love the wide toe box and the narrow heel. My foot feels very secure in this pair. The cushion feels nice. I plan to wear them to the gym, light jogging, and to work (12 hours on my feet). I am 1 year post knee surgery and so I still live and breathe in my Topo athletic shoes. I am so happy to find a pair in my size. Topos seem to sell out fast on the website. Please make more!

A Convert


I am an Altra (zero drop) die-hard fan; never thought I would even try another shoe. Opportunity arose for me to get these and so I did thinking that the color was great and I could always wear them for a road run. Wow what discovery. I wish I could write a more technical review but I can never pin-point why a shoe works or does not work. They are light and give me a nice response. Just thought I would write because I might be a convert. They are so comfortable. Thanks

Supportive and comfy!


I love these shoes. I am a nurse working long shifts on my feet all the time and needed a pair of comfortable supportive shoes. I typically choose running shoes over say clogs because I do a lot of squatting and leather clogs pinch my toes.
I found the Magnifly 2 at my local shoe store while hunting for something that would help with the heel pain I had been developing for a few weeks. The Topo shoes are supportive, flexible, and the roomy toe box allows my feet to move in a natural way while still being supported. My heel pain has disappeared since I've started wearing them and my gait feels very natural and comfortable.
I am so happy I found these shoes!

Happy feet


This is an awesome shoe! I love the natural feel with the extra cushion. This winter I trained for Boston and ran Boston in these shoes. This was also a shoe I bought for my mother. She has a major foot/toe injury from when she was a teenager. She has a large pin in her foot which causes lots of discomfort in most shoes. She is an active 69 year old women who walks daily, stands on her feet volunteering in a thrift store/soup kitchen and plays with her granddaughter. I've heard a thousand times how much she loves these shoes and how comfortable she is even standing all day. She even wore them to hike a small local mountain with me (not my first shoe choice for mountains, but she was comfortable which isn't usually the case). Being a Topo Ambassador allowed me to easily introduce these shoes to her and since she has a second pair because she loves them so much.

Favorite shoe!


Love this shoe! So comfortable and supportive for a zero drop shoe. My runs feel great! I've worked in the running shoe industry and have tried / owned just about every shoe. So grateful I was introduced to Topo's! This is my second but far from last pair owned!

A great go-to road shoe at the higher end of the Topo cushioned-spectrum.


Topo Ambassador here. I've been running in the Magnifly 2 for about 100 miles. I love the roomy toe box, I have a wider forefoot (I can usually get away with wearing men's shoes, and often do because of color preference). Initially I found the heel to be a little loose, but I was quickly able to fix that by tightening up the lacing.

The shoes were incredibly easy to break in (no blisters or hot spots) and they are holding up beautifully after 100 miles in less than ideal conditions (snow, ice, mud, you name it). Glad I didn't go with the men's version for color, I think they would have been too wide. Loving these as my go-to road trainer. These shoes have a bit more cushion than some of the other Topo's I've run in (ST-2, MT-2) and with how many miles I'm having to put in on the roads, I appreciate that. Would (always) love more color options!

Now, looking forward to it warming up so I can get back onto the trails!

Magnifly 2 is my favorite!


I am a Topo Ambassador and the Magnifly 2 is my favorite! I feel it is the most comfortable shoe that allows my feet to lift easy during my Ultra runs. I won the Jan. 1st 24 hour in my age group wearing these shoes for over 109 miles! My feet did not hurt, the toe room was great! I had not one blister! The shoe made me feel like I was running barefoot with cushion! I love the shoe!