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Zip Along In Comfort!

Jeff, Sam & Hope: "Upper is breathable, toe box is top notch, midsole is plush without being mushy, relatively lightweight for how much shoe there is."

Product Overview

Run like the wind with Zephyr. An elastomer stability plate runs inside the midsole of these tempo running shoes, helping stabilize the forefoot and aid propulsion during plantar flexion. A ZipFoam™ core offers more rebound and long-term resilience than traditional EVA. A lightweight, breathable mesh upper with printed overlays secures the foot over the platform of these stabilizing running shoes.


  • Best For:Road Running
  • Stack Height:28mm (heel) // 23mm (forefoot)
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 5MM
  • Weight:9 oz (M9)
  • Cushion:
  • Support:
  • Pliability:

Why We Love It

  • Zip Foam

    More Cushioning and Resilience

    Proprietary midsole compound which is springier than EVA and offers more rebound over the life of the shoe.

  • 5MM Drop5MM Drop

    5MM Drop

    Our highest available drop allows you to access natural running with more under-heel cushioning.

  • Ortholite Footbed

    Ortholite Footbed

    Comfortable, anti-compression footbed with anti-microbial properties.

  • Plantar Flexion Stabilizer

    Added Stability and Propulsion

    Elastomer plate runs inside the midsole, stabilizing the forefoot and aiding in propulsion during plantar flexion.

Ratings & Reviews

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Average Customer Ratings


Excellent road running shoes


When it comes to races or training runs longer than a mile, these are my favorite road running shoes that I have ever worn. Right out of the box the impression is that they are very rigid, but when I started running they felt snappy and smooth. The wide toe box is magnificent, while the midfoot and heel fit snugly. As a physical therapist and a human with feet, I remain mystified why this wide toe box isn't industry standard. The plantarflexion plate and the aggressive toe rocker both help this shoe to feel very fast. The rigidity and toe rocker would make this a poor choice for most people for lifting, basketball, or just generally wearing around, but they are fantastic for what they're designed for: running in a straight line on a road.



This shoe is pretty comfortable. Its a little firm at first but after a few runs it softens up a little. It feels really good at a faster pace. I also like the plate in it because it does provide some stability but is not overly stiff

Size difference


I have been running in UltraFly s for the past 4 years, size 12.5
Zephyr sole is less flexible and a little firmer, but quite comfortable (25 miles per week)
Proper size is 12 to possibly 11.5.
Both shoes are made in China.

My new "go fast" shoe


As a foot doctor and previous collegiate runner, I'm always trying to keep up with the advances in the running shoe world. This shoe keeps up with the competition for sure. One of, if not, the only shoe with the type of fit that many runners need.
This shoe's got a nice even style of ride when out noodling around. I've got a narrow forefoot myself, but I love the fit with the snug heel and anatomic forefoot. Gets the medial column of my foot (big toe, 1st metatarsal, 1st cuneiform) functioning the way it should with my orthotic. Where this shoe really shines is when you drop the hammer. Ratchet up the pace and you'll feel it respond. Has some great pop and gets you sailing. Crank it up more and you get an even bigger response. Looks like it's the same quality I've come to expect from Topo for longevity. Toss your old light weight trainers and your racing flats and get a Zephyr.



Outstanding shoe. Fits true to size, nice wide toe box and after long runs legs feel fresh. You can really feel the shoe giving you a push off the ground, cant wait til my next IM.

Good shoe!


I've had 6 runs on the shoe so far, and really like it. They are fairly light, acceptably cushioned. Slightly firmer. The plate does not get in the way, and helps quite a bit on the toe-off. Because your foot sits in the shoe, there is an inherent stability aspect there which I like a lot. My legs feel great after a run, compare to my other shoe. I really like this one. My first topo. Bought it after reading reviews on and their review is spot on.

Great new shoe from Topo!


Just got these and took them out for a short run. Have been really excited to try these coming off an injury and needing a little more stability under my foot and hoping that the addition of the Plantar Flexion Stabilizer would help and am happy to say that this shoe has the perfect amount of cushion and firmness under foot that I was looking for. Have run in a couple other styles of Topo and have a feeling this will quickly become my favorite.

Get Ready To Fly!


What even is this shoe? I would say this shoe would fit in the speed day category. It’s a racing shoe, tempo trainer, and just all around fast shoe. Why is it fast? Be cause you are, you silly goose. Well, that and the addition of the elastomer plate in the midsole. This shoe runs on the firm side, but with the addition of zip foam you can easily wear it comfortably for a marathon.
For best results, make sure to stride out a bit and have some good hip flexibility to obtain the full potential of the elastomer plate. I ran in them at the NYC Marathon and got a huge PR. I trained well, but I know this shoe helped a bit. Make sure your legs are ready and strong enough for the speed.
Is this the new trend in running shoes? Carbon plate, elastomer plate... what’s next? Hopefully more PRs! Let’s go!!! 💪🏽

I am a Topo Athletic Ambassador.