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Ultrafly 2 is a cushioned road running shoe featuring a 3-density midsole for light guidance through the gait cycle. At 28mm stack height in the heel and 23mm forefoot, the Ultrafly 2 has a 5mm drop. The new mesh upper is strong yet breathable and the all-new Ortholite footbed provides additional comfort by resisting compression and naturally eliminating odor-causing bacteria. These mesh upper running shoes are especially suited for longer distance training.


  • Best For:Road Running
  • Stack Height:28mm (heel) // 23mm (forefoot)
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 5MM
  • Weight:10.0 oz (M9)
  • Cushion:
  • Support:
  • Pliability:

Why We Love It

  • Roomy Toe BoxRoomy Toe Box

    Roomy Toe Box

    Anatomical toe box allows toes to spread naturally and comfortably.

  • Multi-Density MidsoleMulti-Density Midsole

    Multi-Density Midsole

    Allows you to access two levels of cushioning: soft against the foot and firmer/more responsive against the ground.

  • Lightweight Breathable MaterialsLightweight Breathable Materials

    Lightweight Breathable Materials

    For a '2nd Skin' fit and feel.

  • 5MM Drop5MM Drop

    5MM Drop

    Our highest available drop allows you to access natural running with more under-heel cushioning.

Ratings & Reviews

Average Customer Ratings


I am sold


This shoe has been dang good. The break-in time was minimal. The fitment has been spot on. I have not experienced blisters or calluses wearing these shoes with toe socks. When fatigue kicks in on a long run and my heels start kissing the ground, I believe the tiny bit of drop saves my run. I completed a marathon, my first short distance ultra, a few 20 milers, and even some short distance speed work all in this pair of shoes with zero foot or lower leg complaints.

I am a heavier runner and I tend to blow out midsoles in less than 200 miles wearing a competing low drop shoe brand. I decided to try Topo in hope of a longer lasting shoe and my first experiment was with the Ultrafly 2. I currently have ~250 miles on my Ultraflys and I suspect I can get at least another 100 miles out of them, perhaps even more. The great wear combine with the other things I noted has converted me to Topo fan. I own three pairs of different Topos now and they’ve been brilliant!

Some improvements, some downgrades over prior


Upper and Ortholite insole are improvements over the prior version. The material change on the heel cup us uncomfortable.

Highly Recommend


I think I finally found the “magic” shoe. For me this shoe has been a life saver. After a litany of issues with other shoes these have aloud me to consistently train injury free. My current pair has about 400 miles on it and there are no issues in sight! I recommend them to every runner I talk to. Definitely worth buying.

Pleased with my first pair of Topo shoes


I went into my local running store to buy a different brand shoe. They told me they stopped carrying the particular model I wanted because a problem with the last update resulted in the shoe causing irritation to the feet of most runners and almost every pair sold was coming back to them. They recommended the Ultrafly 2 as an equivalent replacement. Since the store offers a 30-day no questions ask return policy, I gave it a try and am glad I did.

The two features I was after were the low drop and wide toe box to allow natural splay. The midsole is a good balance--it's not a pillowy softness of some modern shoes but has enough cushion to protect the foot. I've only got 10 miles on mine, so I can't comment on long-term build quality, but the initial build quality is nice.

I deducted one star because they are pretty stiff out of the box. This has caused a small amount of heel slippage on my right foot, but that's fixed with heel-lock lacing patterns.

Dependable &


I bought Men’s 10 Ultrafly v1 in 2017. I used them
to train for and compete in the Baystate Marathon and reached my goal of qualifying for Boston (3:02:59). This week (2019) I used the exact same shoes to complete the 23 mile Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains in 11.5 hours. The shoes were perfect & reliable during both grueling activities. I never had any problems with blisters or discomfort.. all around a solid & dependable shoe. This pair is retired as of today.

Another good option


I run approximately 50-70 MPW and I am currently training for a 50 mile trail ultra. I bought this shoe as a road-trail hybrid option to add to the toolbox, mostly for long efforts that need a little more support. The first 1-2 runs were not super impressive and the shoes "just felt alright". However, after a few more miles, I began to feel the cushion a little more and have since began to favor these shoes for a lot of my runs. I generally run in zero-drop shoes, but decided to give the 5mm drop a try. The elevated heel is really not that noticeable and beyond some guidance through the gait cycle, I hardly think about it. These shoes have a nice fit through the mid foot, with a wider toe box that does not feel excessive. overall I don't really notice when I am wearing the shoes which is ideal for me. Definitely a solid option for those looking for a little more support without sacrificing fit.

Made me feel injury free.


I have been in search for a shoe that fits my foot for as long as I have been running.
I have a very wide, box shaped and short foot. (US 8).
For many years I orderd shoes from major brands in size 2E (wide) from the U.S to Scandinavia. They were ok, But not perfect. When running long and/or hard I felt back pain.
My last shoe was a Saucony kinvara and I loved how fast it felt. But it came with a downside, backpain.
Found a pair of ultrafly 2 on eBay for a bargain and decided to give TOPO a try.
Wow! It took a couple of runs for my calf's to get used to them, but not once have I experienced back pain when running! It felt like they had my foot in mind when designing them!
Any cons? They do feel a little slippery in wet and mud. I have to work a little harder to keep the same speed as in the kinvara.
But if I can cross the finish line and not laying down in pain afterwards, It's a clear winner for me!
Will try the fli-lyte 3 as my next shoe

Light & Comfy...


I loved the first version. For me the 2nd version felt way too narrow and tight. Did do one run in the shoe which felt light and comfy. Had 0 issues with heel slippage and felt zippy. Unfortunately had to return them sadly.

Not sure if the shoes are more narrow than version 1...If not so tight would have kept.

Instant Feet Motivator


As a mid-40's former Professional Baseball player, this shoe enables me to be athletic from the moment I put it on with a great sense of comfort. Outstanding, dynamic & balanced feet motivators. After back surgery and weighing over 225 at 6'4", most comfortable shoe. I bought two immediately. Just Ordered the new trail shoe as well.

Comfort and value


This is the first Topo shoe that I've worn in awhile. I had the Magnifly 1 and found it to be average. The Ultrafly 2 is anything but average. I've gone for two short runs in it and I'm in love. The feeling that I get from these shoes is like no running shoe that I've run with before. The ride is awesome, soft and smooth. It disappears from my feet. I know that it's there but it doesn't irritate my feet in any way. For me the fit is perfect. I was an Altra fan but Altra never quite got the footshape correct for me. These Ultraflys are spot on. For this kind of cushioning I would expect to pay much more. If they hold up as well as other reviewers say they do, then they are twice the value of other brands. I'm looking forward to seeing how many miles that I can get from them.

These arent the right shoes for me - feel like slugs


Reviews are very subjective so it's really hard to go by them with 100% certainty of a product. Anyway, with that said - its probably me but I found these to be stiff uppers and midsoles--, not very cushioned and a sluggish run. Its like a slow slug type of running shoe for me. I'm comparing them though to other shoes I have that I rotate through - Altra Escalante 1.5, Nike Vormero 13, Asics Gel Kayano 24. At first I thought that I just needed to get used to them but its been over 2 months and I don't even reach for them on my long slow slug run days anymore:(

They do look pretty nice and appear to be well made, durable though.

Comfortable ride but something's missing


I've gone through 3 pair of the Magnifly-2 and these feel similar, except for the 5mm drop. I agree there's something odd about the heel cup but it hasn't presented any problems. It has a good amount of cushioning but feels quite firm; I would have liked it to be a wee bit softer. The lace eyelets are a bit too small; I prefer the lacing system of the Ultrafly-1.

That said, so far they've been great to run in. If I'm able I'll update this review after tomorrow's outdoor race.

A great introduction to Topo


The first version is the shoe that got me into Topo, and led me to become an ambassador. The new model has some upgrades to enhance the quality without messing with the great ride. An Ortholite insole provides step in comfort and doesn't hold odor. A stronger mesh with less overlays helps with durability and upper comfort. The shoe has a good amount of cushioning, without being overly soft. It's stable without messing with your gait. It's comfortable to run a 5k or a 50k. A locked down midfoot leads into a nice and roomy toebox. A 5mm drop provides some room for error while learning to midfoot strike. This really is a great all around shoe.

A shoe that keeps going!


The Ultrafly was the shoe that got me into Topo, and led me to become an ambassador. The shoe has a good amount of cushioning, without being overly soft. It's stable without messing with your gait. It's comfortable to run a 5k or a 50k. This 2nd version improves on the original while still feeling very similar. A stronger mesh makes the upper last longer. An ortholite insole provides a slipper like feel. The heel cup on the 2nd version provides a better heel hold than the original. A locked down midfoot leads into a nice and roomy toebox. A 5mm drop provides some room for error while learning to midfoot strike. This is a great all around running shoe and a perfect introduction into Topo Athletic.

What a comfy and versatile shoe!


I am a Topo Athlete Ambassador so get the opportunity to try many different models but I wouldn't call out anything I didn't love. The older Ultrafly and now this new Ultrafly 2 is my go-to road shoe for day-to-day training. On a hunch, I tried it out on a longer trail run and I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it was. The extra cushion of the midsole seems to make up for the lack of a rock plate. Next I tried the Ultrafly 2 in a 50-mile race, a 75-mile adventure run, and recently a 100-mile race. It was great! The sole does not have the lugs of the MT-2 or the Terraventure but if traction won't be an issue on the course, this shoe will stand up to the distance. With the Topo fit (wide forefoot but narrower midfoot and heel) I get all the control I need on trails. I have found my new ultra trail running shoe.

Why did you mess with them?!


I find #2 to be heavier and bulkier that the first version. The toe box feels deeper and a little wider, which gives a slappy feel. I suppose the upper is a little better, but my only gripe about the first version was that it seemed to collect an excessive amount of sweat and moisture, this version doesn't do any better in that department. Also, the heel fit is not nearly as snug and secure on these. Bottomline, get the first version if you can find them.

Better upper, but midfoot and heel lock isn't as snug


The Ultrafly v1 has been my go-to road shoe for the last two years. The cushioning and the snug midfoot and heel fit was just right. The only complaints I had were the boxy toebox and the upper material started to tear after about 200k.

v2 has a better upper with softer material that conforms to the feet better and looks less likely to tear like the v1 did. Cushioning felt exactly the same as I think Topo didn't change the mid and outsole from v2. Why change something that's near perfection, right? However, I just felt that the midfoot and heel lock wasn't as snug. Maybe that's due to the softer upper and also the guille lacing system as also been changed to a more conventional lacing system. Still a very good shoe and more miles will tell how good this version is.

The new and improved Ultrafly 2 - v2 building on an excellent v1 shoe


It seems to be identical to the original Ultrafly but for the new and improved upper material. I had the upper on the original wear through around 100 miles; time will tell on the Ultrafly 2, but it is a flexible nylon mesh type material similar to other shoes that hold up for hundreds of miles. The new mesh gives a little bit more "hug" from the upper on your foot, but I think that's also a positive since I thought there was a little too much slippage in the original Ultrafly (overall which I thought was an excellent shoe but for the wear). Good to see Topo improving where things are needed but leaving an excellent design in place (midsole and outsole seem identical to me).