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Combining the lightness of a running shoe with the rugged durability of a trail shoe, the Terraventure 2 features a 2-density injected EVA midsole on a rugged Vibram® XS Trek outsole. Deeper, more generously spaced lugs improve underfoot traction in mud and slush and a flexible forefoot rock plate adds protection against rocks and roots. With a fully gusseted tongue, the durable mesh and PU printed upper now features drainage ports for water release and quicker drying. A 5mm anti-microbial Ortholite® footbed resists compression set and odor and our uniquely fitted gaiter attachment makes it compatible with our stretch nylon Topo gaiter (optional and sold separately).


  • Best For:Trail Running
  • Stack Height:25mm (heel) // 22mm (forefoot)
  • Heel to Toe Drop:3MM
  • Weight:10.8 oz (M9)
  • Cushion:
  • Support:
  • Pliability:

Why We Love It

  • Roomy Toe BoxRoomy Toe Box

    Roomy Toe Box

    Anatomical toe box allows toes to spread naturally and comfortably.

  • Lightweight Breathable MaterialsLightweight Breathable Materials

    Lightweight Breathable Materials

    For a '2nd Skin' fit and feel.

  • Rock Protection PlateRock Protection Plate

    Rock Protection Plate

    Flexible ESS rock plate protects against stone bruising caused by sharp rocks and roots.

  • Low DropLow Drop

    3MM Drop

    Our mid-level drop provides a near neutral platform for a more natural running experience.

  • Vibram Outsole

    Vibram Outsole

    Unparalleled grip and traction and durability from the leaders in technical outsoles.

  • Ortholite Footbed

    Ortholite Footbed

    Comfortable, anti-compression footbed with anti-microbial properties.

Ratings & Reviews

Average Customer Ratings


Great Day Hiker


I purchased a pair of Terraventure ll from REI about 6 weeks ago because of the wide toe box, flexible rock plate and Vibram soles. I put about 20 miles a week on them doing 4 to 10 mile hikes in rugged, rocky desert terrain with 1200 to 2300 ft of elevation gain. The Terraventure ll fit and preform incredibly well and they are so comfortable that I am not hurrying to get them off my feet after a long hike. I would really like to see a Topo shoe with all the characteristics of the Terraventure ll that includes a more aggressive tread, preferably Vibram, for those of us that are more true hiker than trail runner.

5 stars for the shoe, but why does Topo hate big feet?


FINALLY got my hands on a pair of these after a long search and wait to find a size 14 at another website. Most of Topo's styles either don't even offer a size 14 or they only have one color in size 14.

The Terraventure is a perfect fit for me. Nice and snug in the heel and midfoot, roomy in the toebox without being sloppy. First run was on a soggy morning. Ran 5 miles on trails full of roots, rocks and mud. The traction was terrific, best traction I've ever gotten from a shoe and I have to say the extra confidence in my footing made the run much more enjoyable.
I've run a few more times in them and each run I like them more. Nice amount of cushioning without taking away ground feel. I like to be able to feel the rocks and roots a little bit and these let me do that. I'm a bigger runner at 6'2" @ 240 pounds, and I'm hoping these shoes will hold up better than usual since most shoes don't last long for me.

My favorite trail shoe, but has some small durability issues


I've tried a lot of trail runners over the past several years, and the Terraventure 2's are by far the most comfortable ones I've used. I use them for trail running, hiking, & multi-day backpacking.

The fit is perfect - the wide toebox gives my toes room, but the midfoot & heel is held securely. The heel cup is great. I like the 3mm heel-toe drop. The shoe strikes a good balance between cushioning and protection - enough to keep my feet happy while still maintaining a stable platform with good ground feel. It does well with off-camber terrain. Traction is good-to-great.

My only issue is with the shoe's durability. My 1st pair went about 300-350 miles w/o any issues, and then I found a small part of the sole was beginning to delaminate (fixed myself with shoe-goo). My 2nd pair began to delaminate in a similar but larger area after only 100 miles of use (Topo's great customer service replaced). If Topo can fix this issue, then the Terraventure 2's are near-perfect.

Great Customer Service!


I am mainly writing this review to rave about Topo's customer service. It is excellent! Very responsive and they sorted out an issue with my TerraVentures2 as fast as possible. Replacement shoes are on the way!

Onto the shoes themselves- as someone with broad forefeet and a large foot volume from years of barefoot running, these are comfortable. The 3mm drop is not noticeable. The midsole could be more responsive but I think they will work well for an upcoming 100miler. The outsole seems rugged enough and it is Vibram after all. Upper is fine, it does dry adequately fast which is essential if running in equatorial climates. And I can run sockless which I prefer.

My big gripe is the Ortholite insoles. Dry weight is 23g, wet weight is 65g each. And they can take a very long time to dry while running. (Open cell=sponge) I have replaced them with old insoles which weigh 15g and stay dry.These are a hard 2mm which has given me extra volume in the shoe and improved the responsiveness.

Best Ever


Wore my Terraventures on a 25-mile, 3-day hike of the Roan Highlands on the AT. Fantastic comfort, grip and stability. No bone bruising over rocky terrain. No blisters—not even a hot spot. I measure a 9.5, but perfect fit for me is. 10.5. Thank you, Tony, for such a great shoe!

Less roomy than other Topos


Did not like the fit. Seems a more narrow fit with less toe box room than other Topo Shoes

Great Traction but Give Me Durability Please!


I have a love/hate relationship with these shoes. I bought two pairs as soon as they were released having had the V1s and not enjoying them very much due to the sole and how soft they were. I was excited for the updates to the shoe, mostly the mid-sole and the sole. The Pros: The sole and rock plate have held up well, and in general I love the fit. My first pair I put just over 300 miles on before I had to give up on them, but the sole was still in excellent condition providing great grip. The Cons: They tend to get sloppy after miles of technical terrain and they are a tad short for the sizing. My biggest beef is that they come apart SUPER EASY on the inside of the toe box. The mesh on every pair of Topos I own starts to come apart within 100 miles, and by 300 miles they are all ripped through. For a trail shoe these need to be a bit sturdier with a higher rand/3D printed overlay on the inside of the foot where the ball of the foot sits. Where is the actual abrasion resistant mesh?

good but cold be better


to start, i'm a 6' 4" 225 lb male who uses this shoe for trail hiking not running. my distances are 5 to 12 miles per outing on rolling trails covered in roots and rocks in "rocksalvania." i've put 190 miles on this shoe so far.
pros - 1) nicely shaped shoe with a generous toe box. 2) low 3 mm drop heel, which gives a good trail feel and reduces ankle rolls. 3) durable - all the glued parts a still glued together, no separation. 4) vibram sole gives good traction on all surfaces. 5) snug heel cup, no heel slippage. 6) light weight. 7) rock plate protection. 8) blister free.
cons - the EVA mid-sole is too soft. i have found that the mid-sole compresses and causes pain in the ball of my right foot. when i wear the shoe multiple days in a row the mid-sole doesn't bounce back, removing the cushioning. that doesn't work to well for a through hiker using the same shoe every day for 8 to 30 miles a day. Hope topo creates this shoe.

Preferred the originals


They're fine but I preferred the originals. This version feels heavier and a bit stiffer. Also, the color selection is poor. Please bring back one of the original colors. Preferably black.

Love them, but....


Overall I really like the Terraventure 2. They are a great hardpack shoe and offer great midsole stability and lock the heel in well.

What makes them a great hardpack shoe makes them less desirable for the alpine world here in Colorado and technical running. In those environments the the sole absorbs the talus up high and the rocks when it gets technical down low. This little bit of absorption in the sole makes the shoe feel less stable and a slower response time when adjusting to the changing terrain. There are times when the rock plate feels likes it's not there as well.

So close.... I tried the Mtn Racer and like it's responsiveness but just didn't fit me right and too much stack. The sole does handle the environment I just mentioned better.

Good Trail Shoe But Not Good For Technical


Good all around trail sneaker but....

Definitely not for technical running!!! I run in Magniflys daily on road and totally love them, but this does not translate well to rocky, technical trail running. This might pass for hiking or just regular trail runs, but beware, it's way too loose a fit for anything technical. The last thing you want while running on rocks is the front of your foot sliding about, and honestly the rock plate leaves me wanting and the lugs are spaced too close to get a good grip on anything other than dirt, especially if it's wet out.

Best trail running shoes


Probably the best or one of the best trail running shoes I have ever used. Stable, wide forefoot, good grip, drain well, mud gets off easy. Rock protection works ok.
I tried many brands and models. The design of these shoes are superior.
For me, they would be even better with two more milimeters of drop and 2-3 more milimeters of cushioning.

Perfect, brilliant


I have always had trouble finding capable trail shoes that fit my feet. These are just perfect; they are flexible and provide a comfortable cushion but still somehow let your feet just naturally, um function like feet do. They aren’t, and don’t feel like stiff bottomed cleats that wrench your ankles on uneven surfaces. I do day hikes and run trails but I can’t stop wearing these around just everyday as a pair of nice looking kickass capable everyday sneakers and don’t want to get these muddy just yet. Also they walk softly indoors and don’t leave you feeling like you’re going to rip the floor up. Well done, ToPo.

Fantastic so far - rock plate and Vibram


TERRAVENTURE 2 works fantastically for me. It's a Lone Peak 2.5 done right with rock plate and Vibram sole. Unstructured heel and toe box allows my foot and sock combination to conform the way it needs to. This is crucial for LONG distance thru hiking. Works well on the rocky trails of No. AZ.

My go to shoe, improved where I was looking for it, a solid work in progress.


Just got the Terrventure 2 after being a big fan of the original Terraventure. The tread on these seems to be GREATLY improved from the first version. I do OCR and wouldn't even think of using the originals on a race. With the new shoe, I'm thinking about taking them to a serious race over my tried and true shoe from another brand. The lugs on this shoe are a big improvement for trails.

I find the wide toe box on these to be really comfortable for my feet and I hardly notice the shoe getting in the way of my running. My only criticisms would be I'd like a lighter top shoe, I think the v1 top was a bit better. I still have some concern about the soul cushioning, I heal strike a bit and the heal cushioning REALLY compressed quickly on my Topos.

My dream, merge the upper from the Terraventure 1 with the lower from the Terraventure 2 and you have almost the perfect shoe. Oh...and better color choices (no brown).

Best Trail Shoe On The Market


Great trail shoe. Running about 12-15 miles a week in preparation for U.S Air Force Pararescue School. I intend to wear these in Basic Training, Assessment and Selection Prep, and A&S. Most comfortable shoe I own. Hope you make an OCR shoe asap.

Perfection achieved?


I previously used the first iteration of the Terraventures, as well as the MT-2s for long distance trails and really enjoyed how long those two shoes held up. The Terraventure 2s, however, are on a whole other level. I got a pair from Topo Athletic to try for a first of it's kind 2,000km hike across the length of both Israel and Jordan. The Terraventures held out for the entirety of the whole hike - 1,250 miles. I was amazed with how they performed everyday and how happy my feet were in them. I definitely found my perfect hiking shoe. I've since become a Topo Athletic Ambassador (because I was such a fanboy) but this shoe checks off everything you could ever wish for from a trail runner/long distance hiking shoe.

Update from earlier review: Excellent trail shoe!


Update from earlier review. Friction on the back of one heel has gone away. No longer need the double socks or the bandages behind my heel. The sole has an excellent cushion! Hundreds of miles on the shoes, and feet feel great! Despite running on rocks, the Vibram sole has barely worn!

Best Trail Shoe!


I have struggled for 2 years to find a good trail shoe that is comfortable but rugged enough, final I have found it. The heal lock is great and I didn't think I would like the toe box but I really like it. Now I need to try Topo's road shoes.

Excellent trail shoe except for 1 issue:


Excellent trail running shoe! Bought at REI, and am an REI member. I run the trails in the Maricopa County area. Mainly hard packed soil and rock. Great feel with shoe. On runs of 8 to 14 miles, I have no foot fatigue. The sole has excellent cushion. I feel the shoes may take 100+ miles to break in. I wear double socks, with wide bandages behind one heel. The only issue I have experienced, is friction on the back of one heel despite the double socks and bandages. I love the shoes, and hope this friction will go away. I am giving the shoes a 5 star rating however, as the friction behind my heel may just be for me. Previous shoes, Altra Superior, and Altra Lone Peak which I also liked very much.

Rocky, Technical, Fast Trail Running? Terraventure 2 is your Shoe!


Over 200 trail miles here in the rocky and technical trails of Tucson, I am loving these shoes! Durability of the outsole continues to impress after tearing up LaSportiva Mutants under 100mi and Altra Lone Peaks in 200mi. Our trails are rocky, spiky, technical, steep, and loose and this time of year we have water crossings. My last Race had no less than 10 crossings and the new ports worked great to keep my feet dry and blister-free. The fit of the TV2 upper is snug with room for my toes to spread out and my heel is locked in. The soles grip slickrock, dirt, and scree very well... especially for cornering. It's also starting to get hot here and I can already feel the breathability with air coming through the uppers in the toe box. Cushioning is spot on for a 5k to 50k trail run. Haven't done anything longer this early in the season. I still love the TV 1st Gen, but the TV2 is a different shoe in all the right ways!

Best Trail Shoe Made!


Terrific trail running shoe. I am in love with this shoe. My feet are pretty beat up from 24 years in the US Army serving in Special Operations Units. I am 64 years old and just getting back into competitive running. Well cushioned but still responsive to the trail. Extremely comfortable on rough terrain or over long distance. Great toe box and outsole. I will be racing this shoe around the western US this summer. Glad I gave Topo's a try and can't see trail running in any other brand. Can't wait to get my hands on the Mountain Racer.

Crooked heel and short in length


I have tried on many topo shoes including the terraventure2 before ordering a pair and liked the way they fit, the miderate arch, wide toe and soles. But when I bought it online from a retailer and tried them on, they seemed like a full size shorter where my toes hit the toe box which got tighter when putting weight on the shoe and worse rising up on the toes. Verified it had the correct size I ordered on the shoes.
Also quickly noticed the heel area on both shoes were severely crooked and uneven. Had to return them obviously.

*Topo Note: Thank you for sharing this feedback, this is not something we've heard before. If you'd like to send us more info about your purchase to, we'd like to look into this situation further.*



Queen Creek Running Company gave told me about this shoe with a wide toe and comfortable sole. I got it and ran about four trail runs and they feel great. I highly recommend them to trail runners who like wide toed shoes.

Rugged & Comfy


Took these right out of the box onto some rugged and muddy trails. The grip was solid and they drained pretty quickly. The rock plate was helpful during the more technical sections.