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Light, fast, and versatile, the ST-2 is engineered to deliver a lightweight and secure sock-like fit, ideal for speed work, racing and fitness training. The mesh/elastane upper is soft against the foot and packs down flat, making the ST-2 a perfect travel shoe. A 0-drop, 16mm platform offers optimal foot flexibility and ground feel to encourage natural running and movement patterns.


  • Best For:Road Running, Gym
  • Stack Height:16mm (0 drop)
  • Heel to Toe Drop:0MM
  • Weight:6.9 oz (Size 9)
  • Cushion:
  • Support:
  • Pliability:

Why We Love It

  • Roomy Toe BoxRoomy Toe Box

    Roomy Toe Box

    Anatomical toe box allows toes to spread naturally and comfortably.

  • Lightweight Breathable MaterialsLightweight Breathable Materials

    Lightweight Breathable Materials

    For a '2nd Skin' fit and feel.

  • Printed Upper PatternPrinted Upper Pattern

    Printed Upper Pattern

    Eliminates seams while reducing weight.

  • 0MM Drop0MM Drop

    0MM Drop

    Completely neutral drop for the most natural running experience.

Ratings & Reviews

Average Customer Ratings




I have really, really enjoyed these. In fact I currently have 3 pair in my running stable. I use them for relatively short runs under 5 or 6 miles. Combined I have put nearly 400 miles on them, and have found them to be basically perfect. Sad to see them go, but I have bought a pair of ST-3's, and they seem to be okay so far. Hard to improve on perfect though!

Nearly Perfect Lightweight Road Shoe


I use these for my morning runs which average around 3 miles. Right out of the box, they were the most comfortable running shoes I’ve ever worn save for one deficiency…

• A protruding seam up the center of the counter rubs my Achilles.
• The exposed EVA under the toes could benefit from being capped with high-abrasion rubber to help with durability.

• The toe box is wide, but secure.
• The mesh vamp is open enough for great ventilation and quick drying, but fine enough to keep out debris.
• The midsole offers a nice balance between cushioning and ground feel.
• The high-abrasion rubber portions of the outsole are wearing better than those on my Altra Escalantes.
• The printed overlays protect the upper from abrasion.

These would be a solid 5 out of 5 if it weren’t for the seam rubbing on my Achilles.

Light and well-cushioned


I just ran a marathon in the ST-2 for the first time and they did not disappoint. Light and well cushioned, I didn't give my feet a second thought throughout the entire race. They also provided secure footing on the wet pavement when taking downhills at speed. They're my new go-to for racing and training.

Crumbling shoes


I owned st-1 and st-2.
I felt St-1 had a superior feet comfort and cooler shape. Althought st-2 was awesome too.
The most important things in topo shoes to me are:
-The cut is very comfortable, never scratching the Achilles tendon.
-They look very cool unlike other sport shoes
-And the toe box perfect for feet with Roman toes.

Always forever problem:
-the soft sole is like soft cheese. It just deintegrates with ease.
-the hard sole (black patches) are not properly glued.

After light beginner parkour training and couple easy hikes in mountain terrain. Both my big toes were contacting the floor through the sole. It required 5 monthes of light use. Mesh wore little bit.

I want to keep buying topo bc they make the shoes for my feet, but until they stop constructing crumbling shoes i won't spend money on it :(

What else can I say?


What can I say about this shoe that has not already been said? It is one of, if not the most affordable running shoe out right now for what you are getting in design, comfort, performance, and durability. I currently own two pairs of ST-2's and would own more if there were a few more exciting colorways. I have run numerous training and racing miles in this shoe, and it is always a shining star in my collection. I have run over 40 miles at one time in this shoe with zero complaints, and even ran a trail 50K race in them. To me, this shoe is an extension of my foot. It's cushioning is nice and supple with just the right amount of ground feel for a recovery run or to go the extra mile.
I have also walked all over Walt Disney World in this shoe with zero issues. This is a perfect travel shoe.

I am currently a Topo Athletic ambassador, but have owned this shoe, and loved this shoe beforehand.

Lightweight and stable


These shoes are great! Secure fit in the mid-foot, with a nice and wide toe box. I ran twice my usual distance last night with how comfortable I feel in them. My only complaint is cosmetic. I like the white sole on the side profile, but the white bottoms I can do without. A darker color on the bottoms would prolong their cosmetic appeal. Maybe dark blue or black to match the uppers. I plan on buying a pair of MT-2’s next. Really stoked about this company.



I was so excited to receive my ST-2's but so disappointed to have my first run in them. The key for me was the wide toe box so it came as a great shock to find I had sore big toes after a light 40 minute jog. The outside of the shoe seems too narrow to allow the wide toe box to have an effect and my big toes were pressed against the inside edge giving me an uncomfortable ache. I wear Vivobarefoot shoes which have a huge toe area but zero cushioning so was looking for something with both. All the reviews pointed me to Topo but I am sad to say they don't work for me :(

Fast, light & versatile!


I love the ST-2 for speed work and tempo runs, but they have also performed flawlessly on long runs and races too. Actually, I wore the snazzy, yellow ST-2 to victory in the 2017 Cayman Islands Marathon last December.

If you're looking for light weight, the ST-2 weighs in at around 7 ounces for a Men's Size 9.5. The 16mm platform offers a decent amount of cushion considering the weight of the shoe, yet still provides a tremendous ground feel.

The ST-2 is also a great travel shoe - super flexible and packs down to almost nothing. At $90, it's probably the best value shoe in the Topo lineup.

Disclaimer - current Topo Ambassador, but even if I wasn't, I'd still own several pairs of the ST-2!

Best road shoe ever?


This is the best road shoe I have tried, and I have tried many during the last 15 years. Great, roomy fit, enough cushoning to pile on volume, while still having very good groundfeel. The upper has excellent breathability. There is also enough outsole on it to have it stick in winter(ish) conditions - I have used it on ice and hard packed snow and grips remarkably well. Can't really find anything to complain on here - everything done right!

ST2P and try these shoes


since getting into minimal wide toe box zero drop shoes for a couple of years now , been looking for a no nonsense shoe with a lil protection and i found it here with these sneakers ... i love them just the right amount of cushion but still lets your legs work without adding to much bounce . My second run was caught in a rainstorm and they didn't weight down or were still wet the next day , a bonus . I'll see how they stand up , but enjoying them for now .

Best shoe I've ever used


I used to run in Mizunos or Brooks but I have put 300+ miles on these and I won't be using anything else in the future. They are easily the most comfortable running shoe I've ever had because they give your foot room to do its thing. They are lightweight and durable enough that months into hard use (track sprints, trails, long road runs) there is not a single sign of the mesh blowing out like in all my other shoes. My only gripe is the flat shoelaces because they invariable get twisted and don't hold as well. But for a couple bucks I bought round ones and I LOVE these shoes. Paying $90 for these is a steal.

Speed training, fun on the trails!


I picked up this shoe for speed training but my first run was a 20 mile on trails.
I loved the light responsive platform and trail feel! So much so that I decided to run a 100k trail run! This run was during summer so no mud and the trails were moderately technical with some very rocky sections. No issues and happy feet!
This is a great fit for anyone who is transitioning from minimalist running and wants more protection. Also I have used this extensively for the purpose it was designed, speed training.
Looking at the purpose of this shoe, what I have used it for should be considered abuse and it has held up remarkably!
Proud to have been selected to represent this brand as a Topo ambassador!

Very fast minimal shoe! Perfect for those who have a need for speed!


As an ambassador for Topo I've already owned two pairs of ST-2's because I love these shoes so much. They are very minimal so I wouldn't quite recommend them for rough and rocky trails but I have personally raced a 25k trail race in west Texas mountains in mine. They are super lightweight and have a very comfortable and cushioned sole but not quite the same protection you'd get from the Fli-lyte 2's. If you have a need for speed I'd highly recommend them. My only cons are you have to double knot the shoe laces and the insole seems to slide around a bit if they get wet or after many many miles but other than that they are an amazingly fast road shoe and I've even ran many trail races in mine. I will likely order a third pair soon.