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A 30mm x 25mm stack height and 5mm drop makes the new Phantom Topo’s most cushioned road running shoe. Strategically placed rubber adds traction and durability where needed; Zipfoam™, a proprietary new midsole compound that delivers more cushioning and long-term resilience than traditional EVA. A breathable engineered mesh upper with lightly printed overlays and an external TPU heel counter help keep the runner secure over the platform.


  • Best For:Road Running
  • Stack Height:30mm (heel) // 25mm (forefoot)
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 5MM
  • Weight:10.2 oz (M9)
  • Cushion:
  • Support:
  • Pliability:

Why We Love It

  • Zip Foam

    More Cushioning and Resilience

    Proprietary midsole compound which is springier than EVA and offers more rebound over the life of the shoe.

  • Roomy Toe BoxRoomy Toe Box

    Roomy Toe Box

    Anatomical toe box allows toes to spread naturally and comfortably.

  • Lightweight Breathable MaterialsLightweight Breathable Materials

    Lightweight Breathable Materials

    For a '2nd Skin' fit and feel.

  • 5MM Drop5MM Drop

    5MM Drop

    Our highest available drop allows you to access natural running with more under-heel cushioning.

Ratings & Reviews

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Average Customer Ratings


A hard shoes


Disappointed! A hard shoes unlike the write up and other reviews. Love the Ultrafly 2 and was expecting this to exceed Ultrafly 2.

New Verdict after 40 miles, great when new but now thumbs down.


I reviewed these previously with 5 stars, but have to add this, can't edit my old review. Fantastic shoe for first 20 miles, but after that, the zip foam has nothing left, the only cushion is the insole, literally. I now prefer my magniflys to this for any distance. They are cushier. This is supposed to be a cushioned shoe and it's not now. Really disappointed as I loved them at first.

Perfect Shoe


This is a fantastic shoe. It checks all the boxes. Great toe box for foot splay, stable platform, just enough cushion without feeling vague, great lacing system, secure fit. I've been really conscious lately of maintaining a neutral pelvic position, and this shoe seems to allow/position my body there very naturally compared to the Hokas I've been wearing. I feel very grounded an planted in them. My ankles have not gotten along with zero drop over the long haul, so these work extremely well for me.
As an aside, when you try them on for the first time, I would recommend letting your feet warm into them for 15-30min, before passing judgement. The toe box area felt initially a little narrow at first impression, but then seemed to open up perfectly. Just my experience.

Great shoe


The reviews i've read online have said this is a plush shoe life a hoka, i don't see it. It feels firm and stable and my large frame loves it. As its my first pair of topos i can't comment on the size too much. I usually end up in either a 14 or 16 pending the brand and model (most end up as a 15) and i am wearing the 15. It hugs my feet well and The shape feels good. Not as roomy as an altra but not nearly as sloppy to run it. My foot feels very connected. I am really enjoying these shoes. Will need some time to determine durability but so far, so good.

Fit is great, but cushioning is too firm for my liking.


The fit is great - I love the TOPO fit with its wide but not too-wide toebox, but so far the cushioning in the Phantom is too firm to the point of being uncomfortable.

I had high hopes that the "Zipfoam" in the Phantom would be like the Magnifly but thicker and thereby replace the Hoka Clifton 3's as my go to longer run road shoe. Unfortunately, so far they have been disappointing. The cushion seems way too firm - neither soft nor responsive, just hard. My first run in these (after wearing them around town and at work a few times hoping they would soften up a bit) was about 9 miles on a mix of smooth dirt trails and paved bike trail. The ride was firm to the point of being harsh and uncomfortable. Perhaps they will break in and become softer with time, but so far I'm pretty disappointed.

Not just for the Roads...


The Phantom is the tallest stack height in the Topo quiver. I really enjoy this model for my long training runs on the road. The drop is more that I was accustom to at 5mm but it doeskin feel that much when on the road. I really enjoy the cushion of this ride- so much so that I wore it from miles 60-100 at the Leadville trail 100. The Phantom help up just fine on the fire roads of Leadville as well as the single-track around Turquoise Lake. The fit/ sizing was spot on. I am a Topo Athletic Ambassador.

Light. Superior build quality. My favorite.


Bought these for every day plus work. On my feet for 6 hours. Walking mostly on pavement but some mixed terrain as well. Very impressed with the quality, comfort and color ( blue/orange)
Also have the Ultraventure which are awesome as well.
Alternate daily with Salomons, Addidas, Altras and Hokas.
I like these the best, Hoka second.
The zip foam is holding up well and the cushioning isn’t compressing to this point. Especially like the foot shape, roomy toe box and heel support. Great lace positioning for lockdown.
Kinda makes me wanna run, but I’m too old😉
Waiting for the upcoming mid in 20’

Technical Features You May Not Appreciate But Need


I run ultra marathons, mostly trails, and needed a pair of road shoes on a recent business trip. My-go-to store in Washington DC had these and I thought I’d give them a shot. These are great. For those that appreciate shoe construction and the engineering involved to keep your foot in the correct place will appreciate the wrapping around the toe box. Current trend in road shoes is to cut out the support across the toe box and instead to go w lightweight mess. Go around a tight corner and you may end up sliding over the sole of the shoe and spraining your foot. This shoe wears like an Arc’Teryx Norvan LD (huge compliment) and runs like a Soloman Ultra 2 (another huge compliment). The tongue of the shoe provides really nice padding for those long distance runners that want tendon protection. This shoe is a hidden gym that you need in your arsenal.

Smaller than expected.


I have owned many Topo Running shoes, Ultrafly, Magnifly and Fli-Lyte. All have been size 11.5. I had zero problems which is why I keep ordering them. I thought I'd try the Phantom. I'd read were it was a little smaller but not enough to warrant a 1/2 size up. I wore them for a week of varied runs. After the longer runs my toes would let me know of their existence. I let this pass. After about a week I tried them again. Same result. I tried them for just walking and found after a while, again the toes. So they are just too small even though after about a dozen others Topos all being OK at that size. I did find them decent cushion-wise. Definitely not overly so as one might
expect. Very similar to the Ultrafly. But all that said I forgot about the 30 trial period, I definitely can not wear them for running and they are not the most comfortable for walking so a whiff or me. Still like Topo though.

Still Looking for More Original Ultraflies !!!!


I really tried to like these but.... My favorite running shoe ever was the original Ultrafly. I am not sure why Topo changed those but I found the Ultrafly 2 very uncomfortable (I will review that under those shoes). I have run about 60 to 80 miles in the Phantoms mainly because I can’t find any more Ultrafly (originals) on line and I knew I needed another Topo to replace them with. I wear a 10 but I upsize by 1/2 shoe size to save my toenails. This has worked great with the 10 or more Ultrafly shoes I have owned but not so with the Phantoms. My toes are much closer to the end of the shoe and the shoe keeps pulling the front of my feet laterally. I ran 12 miles in them yesterday and hated it. Today I ran 8 in one of the last two pairs of original Ultrafly shoes I own and it was heaven. Not sure if the Phantoms are actually shorter or narrower at the toebox but I’ve had my last run in them.

Not for the elite speedster, but perfect for the rest of us


These are not for the elite lightweight speedster, but if you are like me (6', 190 lbs), running a pace of 9 min miles or slower, and you aren't a featherweight like a lot of runners, these are amazing. First 2 runs with these were both PR's for me, and shaved 1.5 minutes off of my normal 4.2 mile time. I'm sold, if they last and don't wear out too soon. I have tried MT-2's on the road (good, soles wore out, they are trail shoes) then I tried Ultrafly 1's (good, but uppers wore out in a few months, ultrafly 2 solved this). But these are the best of the 3, and the best combo of cushy yet springy. If they would only get better colorways/style, the blue is pretty nice, but that grey is awful, like support shoes for an elderly person.



I bought a pair of Ultraventures almost a year ago and love them. The Phantoms look and style appealed to me so tried a pair today. Be aware (at least for me) the cut of this model is much narrower and shorter. Regretfully I will return them.

To Tight!!


Was excited to try out my Phantoms. I've had four pairs of Ultrafly 2s and Hydroventure 2. The extra cushion felt great but within my first mile, I could feel the hot spots on my toes. After seven miles, I was done with them. I never get blisters but did with the Phantoms. I love TOPOs because of the roomy toe box. This shoe does NOT have it. I returned them for another pair of Ultrafly 2s.

Fan of the Phantom


The Phantom is yet another solid new shoe from Topo and a fantastic plush option to put in rotation. The roominess of the toe box feels on par with their other recent road and trail updates with the external heel counter adding a nice sense of security. ZipFoam provides a balanced blend of cush and response without being overly, marshmallow-y soft. The ride is equally as enjoyable during quicker paced efforts as it is on slower recovery jogs. With just shy of 100 miles on my pair, the midsole is holding up great with no signs of compression or wrinkling. Nice work, Topo!

A transitional beauty


A fun new direction for Topo to go and expand their clientele. These shoes are quite beefy, and offer a larger than normal toe box, and a pleasant heel to toe drop without having too big of a transition. 5mm drop is a great transition to more natural running from a more traditional road shoe. This shoe has some speed built in with a large toe spring and new zip foam. I feel fast and protected in this shoe. Looking forward to using this shoe for some road ultras in the future. They feel a little more cushioned than the Ultrafly series.

I am a Topo Athletic Ambassador.

Amazing shoe!!!


About a month before running Grandma's Marathon I made a last minute decision to run them in the Phantom. Overall the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn!!! From the start line to the finish, my feet and legs were sooooooo happy to be running in these. I have had a hip issue that has been giving me trouble for a couple of years and it was non-existent in this shoe. Looking forward to training more in this shoe and running both Twin Cities and Chicago Marathon in the Phantoms!!!

Good for all the miles


Been running in the Phantom for a few weeks now. I’ve used it for everything from warmups to long runs. The ZipFoam has enough response to get a quick pace going, but plush enough for slower paced runs.

Well done!


I really couldn't be happier with how the Phantom has been performing for me. Initially acquired as a recovery shoe due to the increased cushion, I have been blown away with the versatility of this shoe. Zipfoam is both soft enough to support recovery paces and responsive enough to handle workouts. The heel-counter and supportive (and comfortable) arch profile lock my foot in while the rubber used provides sufficient traction on any surface that you will face.

The support of the phantom makes it a go-to on days when my legs are feeling a bit extra worn-down from training; yet, they are light and bouncy enough that I have taken them out on 20 mile sustained efforts as well as shorter hill workouts.

Support meets comfort. Cushion meets responsiveness. Well done Topo - these are a beauty.

Not for Me


Hard to believe that this shoe is a Topo. It is very much unlike my Topo trail running shoes (Ultraventures and Terraventures). I can run ultra distances in my Topo trail shoes in max comfort. My third run in the Phantom's was 6 miles and I couldn't wait to get home and get them off my feet. They are short in length and have no where near the volume in the forefoot/toe box of my other Topo's. The tight fit caused hot spots on both of my feet. I wish Topo could make a road shoe with the comfort and volume of their trail shoes. Not sure who tests your products before they go to market, but you should have had some feedback about the different fit of these shoes compared to other models. Maybe it would be wise to have folks not connected to the company give some feedback.