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Product Overview

The all-new MT-3 features a lightweight rip-stop mesh upper with printed overlays and midfoot drainage ports for water release and quick drying. The platform gets an upgrade, using the same midsole and outsole platform offered on the original Terraventure along with a 5mm anti-microbial Ortholite® footbed. With no rockplate, the MT-3 remains light and versatile, with improved durability and great trail/road hybrid performance.


  • Best For:Trail Running
  • Stack Height:25mm (heel) // 22mm (forefoot)
  • Heel to Toe Drop:3MM
  • Weight:9.9 oz (M-9)
  • Cushion:
  • Support:
  • Pliability:

Why We Love It

  • Roomy Toe BoxRoomy Toe Box

    Roomy Toe Box

    Anatomical toe box allows toes to spread naturally and comfortably.

  • High Traction OutsoleHigh Traction Outsole

    High Traction Outsole

    Combines multidirectional traction, heel braking lugs, and mud/snow release design features.

  • Low DropLow Drop

    3MM Drop

    Our mid-level drop provides a near neutral platform for a more natural running experience.

  • Ortholite Footbed

    Ortholite Footbed

    Comfortable, anti-compression footbed with anti-microbial properties.

Ratings & Reviews

Average Customer Ratings


A capable trail shoe that also runs well on the roads


I've done road and trail runs as long as 13 miles in the MT-3, and these shoes are awesome.

To me, the MT-3 is analogous to other medium stack trail shoes by other brands in the market, except that the MT-3 has a much better fit for my feet, and it also happens to run well on the road.

My feet felt adequately protected on technical trails despite no rock plate and I have no qualms taking the MT-3 out to 20 miles or longer. I feel comfortably fast in the MT-3, the ride is snappy and cushion slightly on the firm side without it being jarring and feeling like my back teeth are working themselves loose. At first I thought the more closely-spaced lugs would capture more small debris and mud but I found that the MT-3 ejected pebbles and mud pretty quickly while moving. I'm looking forward to using these for an early summer 50 miler.

Everything I want, except for the lacing.


I really like these shoes, except for the laces. I have to lace each shoe a bit differently (one with a heal lock and one without), and it took me awhile to find a comfortable way to do it.

Otherwise these are the idea shoe for me. On the road they travel well, still have traction when wet, and the lugs don't seem to be wearing down too quickly. On the trail offer some protection from rocks and pebbles, and have good traction in the mud.

My favorite shoe of all time.


This is my favorite shoe of all time, and I have tried nearly every trail shoe out there!!! I train a lot on treadmill and trails. I have done a 14 mile mountain trail race, and a 25K canyon trail race in these shoes. They go easily from road to trail and have plenty of grip from trails. The only thing was my feet were a little sore towards the end from the rocks on the technical trails. But not too bad. The cushion & firmness, footbed and everything is perfect for me. Thanks, Topo for a great shoe!!!

Good crossover shoes


I think I was sent a pair that may have been returned. The shoes I got already had crumples at the toes even before I tried them on. There was a definite crimp at my toe joints. Next, the lacing system seems off. The sling for the laces seems to be the reason for the rubbing at the toes. I skipped the sling and just used the holes instead; that loosened the pinch. Bending at the toes didn’t rub as badly. I walked around the house and it began to feel natural. That being said, I like the MT3. They feel rugged and give a good feel for the ground. It feels very stable and would probably be great for indoor sports like volleyball. The aggressive outsole will make it good for artificial turf. I’ll definitely try it for volleyball and soccer. I do hope the designers take a look at the lacing issue.

*Topo Note: Thanks for the feedback! Our CS team has reached out via email to discuss your concerns over the wear seen in your new pair.*

A step back from the MT 2


Had a great experience with the MT2, was expecting an improvement on an already awesome shoe. The update to upper is too low volume & snug around toes. I purchased them right when they came out & noticed it now says to size up a half size on the website. Additionally, the upper is very, very warm. An unfortunate step back design wise.

The MT-3 just keeps getting better


Topo keeps taking a good thing and making it better! If you want a light, fast trail shoe, this is the ticket. Unlike most road shoes, the bottom of the MT-3 is entirely covered in tread/sole material. This means you are less likely to gauge the midsole, they last longer and they get better traction. And in spite of this, these are the lightest trail shoes that I have ever worn! The new Ortholite footbed is a dream, I have put 100s of miles on various Topo shoes and this footbed never compacts. Topo has also improved the lacing system and added drainage ports so the shoe does not hold water. This shoe is plenty fast for the road, it's my favorite for mixed surface runs where I go through parks and green spaces. I think this is the best "all round" shoe in the Topo line and the lightest I would ever use on real trails.

In the interest of transparancy I am a Topo Athletic brand Ambassador but I have used four pairs of these shoes and love them!

From the road to the trails


As topo ambassador I’m lucky to be able to try the latest and greatest from topo. The MT-3 even though a bit apprehensive with the new ripstop mesh upper (as far as water drainage).

I was surprised when submerged fully in muddy water during obstacle course race. The water drained quickly and dried fast! I like the versatile comfort and use of the MT-3 can wear it on road and then hit the trails. The ortholite footbed insert give that cushion. Materials are Light, comfortable, with a good heel locks in .

Only slight negative is the outer heel material, wish it was like on the Terraventure 2 or ultraventure, that’s more of a personal preference over a performance aspect.

Changed my mind


Updated Review: When I first got your shoes they felt really different than what I was used to. I wrote a 3-star review that said they felt wrong and that I was sending them back. Well, after I wrote that review I was convinced by your 30 day guarantee to at least give them a try on a run. I did, and I kind of liked it. Then I kept running with them and liked it more and more. I never sent them back.

Yesterday I was running through mud with the shoes and I was loving how they somehow had traction in slippery water/mud. And in that moment I once again remembered my 3 -star review and was full of remorse. They are 5-star shoes.

Original Review: I really wanted to love these shoes but had two big disappointments. First the color was not as expected from the online image. The online image for the orange model shoes a burnt-orange color, but the actual color is bright pumpkin-orange. Second and more importantly, the shoes did not secure the heel of my foot. Every time I stepped, I felt like I would step out of the shoe. I tried lacing them much tighter and the heel was still not snug. The sides of the shoe did not come as high around my ankle as other shoes and there was a ton of cushioning around the ankle which combined to make them feel lose and insecure around the ankle. Unfortunately, I am sending them back.

The Perfect 'City to Summit' urban to trail shoe with comfy wide toe box and great cushioning


They have a tread pattern that’s as good for pounding pavement to and from trail as it is when you get on rock, mud or the wet. They have a wide toe box and foot shape that will help people who get blisters on their toes from narrow shoes. There is a superb amount of cushioning from 25mm of padding and a very slight drop of 3mm from heel to toe which means people who get achilles niggles from zero drop shoes will love them.

Their biggest feature is how they ‘handle’. They are tight and secure round the heel and mid foot giving you great control over uneven terrain, but loose and comfy like a slipper at the front where your toes want the space. They are a Racing Car at the back and Soccer Mom SUV at the front.