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In the new Fli-Lyte 3, we eliminated almost all printed overlays to make it lighter and more breathable using a new engineered mesh upper to secure the foot over the platform. The addition of our 5mm anti-microbial Ortholite® footbed gives the shoe a softer ride without sacrificing midsole response. A 23mm X 20mm stack height offers cushioning without losing flexibility and ground feel for a more natural running experience.


  • Best For:Road Running
  • Stack Height:23mm (heel) // 20mm (forefoot)
  • Heel to Toe Drop:3MM
  • Weight:8.4 oz (M9)
  • Cushion:
  • Support:
  • Pliability:

Why We Love It

  • Roomy Toe BoxRoomy Toe Box

    Roomy Toe Box

    Anatomical toe box allows toes to spread naturally and comfortably.

  • Lightweight Breathable MaterialsLightweight Breathable Materials

    Lightweight Breathable Materials

    For a '2nd Skin' fit and feel.

  • Ortholite Footbed

    Ortholite Footbed

    Comfortable, anti-compression footbed with anti-microbial properties.

Ratings & Reviews

Average Customer Ratings


The Only Good Neutral Stability, Low Drop, Wide Toe Box Brand in a Size 15.


Good shoe. I notice the review by the PT. She says she recommends Topos before making the jump to other brands? Assuming these are running shoes, what other brands are those? Altra was sold and the new owners eliminated the "foot shaped toe box" even though they still advertise it. Hoka wide sizes have too much stability even in their "neutral" shoe and everything else has at least 8 mm of drop often 10 or 12.

I had been running in the Altra Torin 3.5. When I ordered the Torin 4.0 and felt what they did to the toe box I was bummed. Looking for new neutral stability, low or no drop shoes with a roomy toe box I tried Sacuony, AICIS, Hoka, Brooks, etc. If you need a low drop, wide toe box running shoe in a size 15, your ONLY choice is Topo. On a comparison the old Altra toe box was roomier but the heel padding was poor. The Topos have a better overall fit in the heel and midsole. I like the but have only run about 60 miles in them. By far my best option (size 15).

Lighter version of ultrafly?


With Topo fli-lyte 2, the shoes were responsive and fit well. Some had issues with the upper, but I personally didn't experience issues. When the reps mentioned the upper update for version 3, I was excited. Unfortunately, didn't work well for me.

The shoe fits kind of short. In the [Fli-Lyte] 2s and magnifly 2s I am a size 9, but this I should consider a half size up. The tongue and heel collar are very thick to the point where they remind me of the ultrafly. Where the [Fli-Lyte] 2s were more of a performance trainer/race day shoe, this is more minimal type trainer? The cushioning in my pair died at about 120 miles. Before the cushioning died, the shoes felt more soft in response than firm. Between this and the magnifly 2, buy the magnifly. It's more responsive and will easily last 300 miles.

*Topo note: Great feedback! While the platform is the exact same as the Fli-Lyte 2 (same drop, stack height, design, etc) the Fli-Lyte 3 includes a new Ortholite footbed. This may lead to the shoe feeling softer and less firm for some people when compared to the Fli-Lyte 2.

Good shoe - poor insole!


I'm a PT and have been recommending Topos for quite some time due to the low drops and ample toe box, but this is my first pair of my own.

- Sufficient cushion without getting marshmallow-y
- Moderate toe box width - is an easier transition for those who would like a more foot-shaped design without making the big jump to other brands with really big toe boxes

- Insole is too thick and poorly fitted for the shoe, making the shoe feel much smaller than it is and causing pressure along the fat pad of the heel in particular. I trimmed mine all the way around a couple of millimeters for a better fit.
- The upper is very thick/heavy with way too much padding around the heel. Just makes for a whole lot of shoe and is hot, even here in the northeast.
- Long break-in. It took me at least 75 miles before they felt broken in. I think some of that is because of the thick upper.

Overall, a good shoe. Definitely swap out the insole to improve the fit before trading up a size.

Get rid of the toe scoop


Good running shoe that ticks a lot of boxes but hard to overcome the aggressive scoop towards the toes which is a bit intrusive and holds the toes in a dorsiflexion. If Topo could address this across their shoes I think they would hit it out of the park.

Love my Topos, but issues with Fli-Lyte 3


I've been running in the Topo Fli-Lyte 3 since its release. I love topos, however this version of the Fli-Lyte has a few issues. 1) the shape of toe box is more square then round. my toes rub against the inside of the shoe. 2) the ortholite insoles are too thick and too big/wide, which curls up on the sides of the shoe. This results in my big toes rubbing against the insoles causing blisters. The collar of the shoe is too padded and sometimes uncomfortable. My pair is starting to wear and fray along the collar. All of these issues never happened with the Fli-Lyte 1, 2 or any other topos that I've run in. I hope Topo can resolve these issues or will we have to wait for the Fli-Lyte 4.

Great Midsole


A very impressive shoe. I thought this was only going to be for shorter runs but the midsole is fantastic and find myself using it for longer runs too. I really enjoy the feel of the midsole and find it to be very soft, but still allowing for good feel. The upper is very nice and breathable. I haven't found many faults with this shoe and always look forward to putting it on. I'm not associated with Topo in any way.

FL-3 are impressive to me.


The FL-3 are a pleasant update to the FL-2. There was nothing wrong with the FL-2, but I’m happy with the newer features. All in all, both shoes are very, very similar. The minor updates to the EVA cushioning make them feel like I could run a bit longer in them. And with them being so light, I feel like I could run a bit faster in them. The socklike upper is amazing! It’s so breathable I don’t think my feet have sweat in them yet. I think the new Ortholite insole helps with that as well. The toe box does feel a smidge wider, and a hair shorter. Would I advise a larger size? Only if you have longer toes. I bought mine true to size, and have felt great in them. The heel counter is plush and broke in a little after 100 miles, and I think they are pretty great now.
I am a TOPO Athletic ambassador.

A good shoe with a few problems


I had three pairs of the Fli-Lyte 2's, and really loved them. The size is off on the new model, as I always wore 10.5 in the 2's but had to return my first pair to get size 11 with this new model. The new insole is also really bad, and the underside and edges feels like sand paper, giving me a massive blister on my first run. I swapped the insoles out for my old ones from my Fly-Lyte 2's and it was much better. There's also extra cushioning around the Achilles tendon that hasn't bothered me yet, but feels uncomfortable. Overall with the bigger size and different inserts it's a great shoe so far.

Awesome Shoe!


Right now I'm using this as my runner on short road runs and around town. Really love the comfort, fit and breathability on this shoe. It is very lightweight and wearing it all day doesn't leave my feet fatigued at all. I usually wear a size 10 and this one was not different. Highly recommend!



I put about 15 miles on a pair of Fli-Lyte 2 shoes and the black portion of the sole at the heal is separating. Looking at the situation, it appears that the sole material is just too soft and I hope that this problem is solved with the Fli-Lyte 3, if not I would not recommend the shoe. I like the fit of the shoe and it is comfortable to run in, but it does not appear to be durable.

Too Short


To start with, this is my 7th pair of Topo shoes. I'm a big fan and have logged hundreds of miles in my Topo trail running shoes. These were my 3rd pair of Topo road shoes. The first thing I noticed out of the box was how much the toe was squared off across the front compared to my other Topo's. When I first tried them on they felt short in length. I figured I'd give them a go and let my foot mold in to the foot bed. After a 12 mile run, I knew these shoes were not for me. They fit completely different then my other Topo's. The length feels quite short and by the end of my run, my toes were in pain from rubbing across the toe box. The squared off toe box design seems to take away some length. The width was great and the material comfortable everywhere else. I was disappointed in this shoes design and will be exchanging them with Topo.

Great Update to an Already Great Shoe


Great update to the Fly-lite line. Feels a little bouncier than the 2 and the new upper is really nice. I'd recommend this shoe for everyone.